Members of ECORD

ECORD Council

The ECORD Council is the funding entity, which co-ordinates a common ECORD approach to IODP policy with membership from 17 members - 15 from European countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and The United Kingdom), and Canada and Israel. Membership of ECORD Council is defined in terms of signatories to the ECORD Memorandum 2013.

ECORD Membership
The ECORD Council is the assembly of all ECORD member countries represented with one Delegate (table below). The Chair and the Vice-chair positions are held for a period of one year. The ECORD Council meets twice a year in Spring and jointly with ESSAC in October/November. A Core Group of the Council consisting of the Chair, the Vice-chair and three additional Council Delegates is part of the ECORD Executive Bureau. The three major ECORD contributors (France, Germany and United Kingdom) automatically belong to this core group.

EMA, ESO and ESSAC are represented by their respective Director and Chairs at each Council meeting.

ECORD Council Tasks and Interactions
  • Implementing ECORD as an integrative part of IODP;
  • Structuring of ECORD - definition of the tasks and responsibilities of its entities;
  • Approving the nominations of ECORD members on IODP Advisory Panels, of the Chairs of ESSAC, E-FB and ECORD-ILP;
  • Selecting and oversighting of EMA and ESO;
  • Securing sufficient funding for IODP and MSPs;
  • Deciding to conduct independant reviews of ECORD.

The ECORD Council is represented by the ECORD Council Chair and the EMA Director at the IODP Forum.

ECORD Facility Board ECORD Science Operator ECORD Science Committee ECORD Industry Liaison Panel

ECORD Council Delegates
Country Funding Agency Delegate / Alternate
AustriaÖAWBernhard Plunger
BelgiumFWODavid Van Rooij
CanadaNSERCAnne De Vernal / Kathryn Gillis
Denmark (Core group)FNUAnders Kjaer / Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz
FinlandAFHanna Pikkarainen
FranceINSU-CNRSEric Humler / Mireille Perrin
Germany (Core group)DFGGuido Lueniger
IrelandGSIKoen Verbruggen / Xavier Monteys
IsraelMERCIZvi Ben Avraham / Eliana Dan
ItalyCNRMarco Sacchi / Laura De Santis
NetherlandsNWOBernard Westerop / Marc de Jonge
NorwayNFRHeidi Roggen
PortugalFCTLuis Menezes Pinheiro / Rita Silva Carvalho
Sweden (Chair)VRMagnus Friberg
SwitzerlandSNFMartina Kern-Luetschg
United Kingdom (Core group)NERCMichael Webb / Jessica Surma

ECORD Council Observers
Body/Programme Representative
EMA Gilbert Camoin, Nadine Hallmann, Patricia Maruéjol
ESO Robert Gatliff/David McInroy, Alan Stevenson, Ursula Röhl, Sarah Davies
ESSAC Jan Behrmann
EFB Gilles Lericolais
ECORD-ILP Andrea Moscariello
MagellanPlus Lucas Lourens
ICDP Ulrich Harms / Thomas Wiersberg
European Marine Board Niall McDonough

IODP Observers and Liaisons
Body/Country Representative
IODP Forum James A. Austin
SEP (IODP) David Mallinson, Ken Miller
NSF James Allan, Thomas Janecek
JR Facility Board (JRFB) Anthony Koppers
JR Science Operator (JRSO) Bradford Clement
MEXT Eisho Sato
Chikyu IODP Board (CIB) Yoshiyuki Tatsumi
CDEX-JAMSTEC Shin'ichi Kuramoto, Nobuhisa Eguchi
CAPES (Brazil) Marcio de Castro Silva Filho
ANZIC (Australia-New Zealand) Neville Exon
KIGAM (South Korea) Gil Young Kim
IODP-China Shouting Tuo
MoES (India) Brijesh Bansal

Updated on 9 June 2016