Calendar of Meetings and Conferences

Below are listed recent and future meetings of ECORD and IODP committees, panels and task forces as well as relevant international workshops and conferences. For more information, please check the IODP and ESSAC calendars.

Minutes and reports are posted on the corresponding links - ECORD meetings, IODP committees and meetings, MagellanPlus and ECORD/IODP booths at science conferences - or are published in the ECORD Newsletter or Scientific Drilling Journal.

A list of past IODP-related workshops and conferences is available.

ECORD Meetings
IODP Meetings
Workshops and Conferences

ECORD Facility Board #4
15-16/6/16,Brussels, Belgium
IODP Forum
21-23/9/16, Buzios, Brazil
IGC 2016
27/8/-2/9/16, Cape Town, South Africa
ESSAC - ECORD Council #3
27-29/10/15, Naples, Italy
JR Facility Board
17-18/5/16, Arlington VA, USA
Goldschmidt 2016
26/6 to 1/7/16, Yokohama, Japan
2610/15, Naples, Italy
12-14/1/16, La Jolla, CA, USA
EGU 2016
17-22/4/16, Vienna, Austria
ECORD Executive
8/10/15, Berlin, Germany
1-2/9/15,College Station TX, USA
AGU Fall 2015
14-18/12/15, San Francisco, USA
ECORD Outreach TF #8
6-7/10/15, Potsdam, Germany
IODP Forum
8-10/7/15, Canberra, Australia
3P Arctic 2015
6-9/10/15, Stavanger, Norway
ECORD Industry Liaison Panel
23-24/9/15, Bremen, Germany
29/6 - 1/7/15,Brest, France
5-10/10/15, Jeju, South Korea
18-20/5/15, Uppsala, Sweden
JR Facility Board
12-13/5/15, Arlington VA, USA
Goldschmidt 2015
16-21/8/15, Prague, Czech Republic
ECORD Facility Board #3
25-26/3/15,Aix en Provence, France
Chikyu IODP Board
30-31/3/15, Yokohama, Japan
AOGS 2015
2-7/8/15, Singapore
ECORD Executive
24/3/15, Aix en Provence, France
12-14/1/15, La Jolla CA, USA
27/7 - 2/8/15, Nagoya, Japan
ECORD Council - Spring #1
12/3/15, Stockholm, Sweden
Chikyu IODP Board
10-11/7/14, Yokohama, Japan
Submarine Paleoseismology
MagellanPlus Series Workshops
16-18/7/15, Zurich, Switzerland
ECORD Outreach TF #7
27-28/1/15, Nancy, France
23-26/6/14, New Brunswick NJ, USA
Mantle, Water and Life
MagellanPlus Series Workshops
10-12/6/15, Lyon, France
ESSAC - ECORD Council #2
7-10/10/14, Zurich, Switzerland
IODP Forum
27-28/5/, Busan14, Korea
JPGU 2015
24/5 - 28/5/15, Chiba-City, Japan
ECORD Outreach TF #6
3-4/9/14, Zurich, Switzerland
5-7/5/14, College Station TX, USA
Indian Ocean Crust & Mantle Drilling Workshop
13-16/5/15, Woods Hole MA, USA
ECORD Executive and Vision TF
2/9/14, Zurich, Switzerland

MagellanPlus Series Workshops
5-8/5/15, Rabat, Morocco
ECORD Industry Liaison Panel
11-12/6/14, Edinburgh, UK
3-7/5/15, Montréal QC,Canada
ECORD Industry Liaison Panel
11-12/6/14, Edinburgh, UK
  EGU 2015
12-17/4/15, Vienna, Austria
    South Atlantic Drilling
MagellanPlus Series Workshops
2-4/2/15, Newcastle, UK
    AGU Fall 2014
15-19/12/14, San Francisco, USA

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