ECORD Industry Liaison Panel

The ECORD Industry Liaison Panel (ECORD ILP) acts as a link between academia and industry forging and fostering mutually-beneficial relationships. The panel mainly comprises representatives from interested industries (UK, Europe and wider international). It also includes the IODP Engineering Development Panel representative to provide the ECORD ILP with a link to international IODP-related technology development.

ECORD ILP Tasks and Interactions
The panel's terms of reference include providing support and offering guidance to the academic community on the appropriateness of the programme for meeting industrial, and related scientific objectives. To identify within the emerging programme topics of interest to the industrial community and to suggest others that might be initiated by industrial members but developed jointly with academics; facilitation of mutual communication and cooperative scientific activities between IODP and related industries, (petroleum, mining, technology-development and innovation, engineering etc) with the aim of benefiting deep-sea drilling science and technology. The ECORD ILP seeks to maximise economic benefits from sharing resources, such as manpower, the drilling of sites, the development of joint drilling and sampling technologies, core and data analysis, and improved downhole measurement and observatory capabilities. Finally, the aim is to facilitate the development of joint academic and industry drilling proposals from the ECORD countries.

At its first meeting in 2009, the ECORD ILP decided that for increased efficiency it should focus on a specific topic. All participants agreed that the Arctic is one of the last frontiers, and of common interest to academia and industry. ECORD Council approved the idea of joining efforts on this particular area, which will be a key component of the science plan for the future phase of ocean drilling.

Taking advice from the ECORD ILP, as well as from key figures in the Arctic academic community, Dayton Dove, the Science Co-ordinator of the UK IODP, designed a brochure entitled "Scientific Drilling in the Arctic Ocean" to stimulate industry interest in scientific drilling in the Arctic.

A workshop between industry and academia representatives is planned to be organised with the aim of identifying objectives of common interest that could result in joint initiatives. The workshop will be a follow up of the ESF Magellan Series workshops focused on scientific drilling in the Arctic Ocean held in Bremerhaven (Fall 2008), Copenhagen (November 2011) and Kananaskis, Canada (February 2012), that resulted in the submission of drilling proposals to IODP. To make this workshop a success, we need to bring together the key players. Any suggestion for possible participation will be most welcome.

ECORD at 3P Arctic 2011:
To foster links between industry and academia, ECORD ILP organised a scientific session at the 3P Arctic Conference (AAPG conference) held in Halifax, NS, Canada from August 31 to September 2, 2011.
>> ECORD-European Consortium for Scientific Research Drilling - Thursday, September 1, 14:00-17:30, room 2, co-chaired by Richard Hardman and Robert Gatliff.
ECORD presented IODP in the exhibition area of the conference - booth # 407

Contact: Andrea Moscariello -, ECORD ILP Chair

Members of the ECORD ILP
Andrea Moscariello
Prof Mike Lovell
University of Leicester
Dr Nick Stronach
Robertson Research International Ltd
Jean-Luc Auxiètre
Total Exploration & Production
Steve Matthews
George Thomas
ExxonMobil International Ltd
Peter Haile
Department of Trade and Industry
Derek Redman
Shell E&P (Europe)
John Thorogood
Drilling Global Consultant LLP
Dr Robert Hooper
BHP Billiton Petroleum
Dr Alan Roberts
Badley Geoscience Ltd
Prof Thomas Wagner
University of Newcastle
Prof Nick Kusznir
University of Liverpool
David Roberts
Royal Holloway/RGS Ltd
Ian Walker
ConocoPhillips (UK) Ltd