ECORD Industry Liaison Panel

The ECORD Industry Liaison Panel (ECORD ILP) acts as a link between academia and industry forging and fostering mutually-beneficial relationships. The panel comprises representatives from interested industries and service companies (in Europe and wider international), academia and research institutes and ECORD entities.

The ECORD ILP meets once a year.

ECORD ILP Tasks and Interactions
  • Providing support and offering guidance to the academic community for meeting industrial and related scientific objectives;
  • Identifying topics of interest to the industrial community and suggesting others that might be initiated by industrial members and developed jointly with academics;
  • Facilitating mutual communication and cooperative scientific activities between IODP and related industries, (i.e. petroleum, mining, technology-development and innovation, engineering) with the aim of benefiting ocean drilling science and technology;
  • Maximising economic benefits from sharing resources, such as manpower, drilling of sites, development of joint drilling and sampling technologies, core and data analyses, and improved downhole measurement and observatory capabilities.
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ECORD at 3P Arctic Conferences
To foster links between industry and academia and to promote IODP proposals in the Arctic area, the ECORD ILP in collaboration with ESO took part as an exhibitor at the Polar Petroleum Potential Conferences - 3P Arctic, in 2013 in Stavanger (Norway) and in 2011 in Halifax (Canada).

A brochure entitled "Scientific Drilling in the Arctic Ocean" was designed by Dayton Dove (UK IODP-BGS) and released in 2011 to stimulate industry interest in scientific drilling in the Arctic.
ECORD at 3P Arctic 2013

ECORD ILP Members (2014-2016)
Chair: Andrea Moscariello (University Geneva)
Industry Academia & Research Institutes
Anadarko - Richard Hedley AWI - Rüdiger Stein
BP - Steve Matthews CNRS - Gabriel Marquette
ENI - Davide Della Moretta
Univ. Newcastle - Thomas Wagner
Exxon Mobil - David Wilkinson University of Tromso - Matthias Forwick
ION Geophysics - Paul Bellingham ECORD Entities
Schlumberger - Bjorn Wygrala EMA - Gilbert Camoin
Shell - Keith Gerdes ESO - Robert Gatliff
Statoil - Erik Roland Lundin ESSAC - Gretchen Früh-Green
TOTAL SA - Jean-Luc Auxiètre  

Observers & Guests
Alan Stevenson- ESO Nobu Eguchi - CDEX/JAMSTEC
David McInroy- ESO Sally Morgan - UK IODP - KEF

Updated on 28 September 2014
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