#12 – Jean-Pierre Henriet (1945-2017)

11 Mai 2017 – We are very sad to announce that the former Belgian ECORD Council Member, Professor Jean-Pierre passed away on 22 April 2017… read more

#11 – ECORD invites you to submit mission-specific platform (MSP) proposals!

3 April 2017 – Mission-specific platform expeditions (MSP) are ECORD’s landmark. Since 2004 and the implementation of the first MSP expedition, Arctic Coring Expedition (ACEX)… read more

#10 – ECORD invites you to submit AGU session proposals

17 January 2017 – Following discussions with the AGU Fall Meeting Program Chair, Denis-Didier Rousseau, a 3-year plan (2017-2019) of IODP-ICDP sessions at the AGU has been defined… read more