The European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2010 met in Vienna, Austria, from 2 to 7 May 2010, at the Austria Vienna Centre.
Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP)and the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) support projects with a need in scientific drilling. For the first time, ECORD presented IODP along with ICDP at EGU 2010 - 2 to 7 May to get together the scientific drilling community.
All activities listed below are organised by ECORD and ICDP and supported by IODP-MI, CDEX-JAMSTEC and IODP-USIO.

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:: Joint IODP-ICDP Booth #55-57-58: a L-shape and 18 sqm booth, located in the exhibition/entrance hall was opened from 3 to 6 May. Many scientists visited the booth to learn about the expeditions and projects, to watch the CoreWall demonstrations, to meet the scientists and to collect materials and information from both programmes.

:: IODP-ICDP Townhall Meeting, 4 May, Convenors: Catherine Mével (ECORD) and Ulrich Harms (ICDP)
The recent scientific achievements and upcoming new projects addressing key scientific questions such as climate dynamics and geological hazards through earthquakes, landslides and volcanic eruptions were presented.

:: IODP-related media conferences, 5 May 2010

>> Contact: Albert Gerdes
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:: EGU sessions related to IODP and ICDP:

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ECORD at EGU 2010