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ECORD Newsletter

The ECORD Newsletter is a semi-annual publication (April/May and October/November), which presents up-to-date information from the different ECORD entities and reflects the scientific activity of ECORD as part of IODP. The newsletter is prepared by the ECORD Outreach Team in collaboration with the Chairs of the ECORD entities and representatives of the national IODP offices.

The Newsletter is widely distributed among the ECORD member countries and IODP partners, in particular in the ECORD/IODP booths organised at international conferences (EGU, AGU, IGC, Goldschmidt, etc.) and national events. Each issue is available as an electronic copy (pdf) below. Paper copies are also available upon request.

Contact: Patricia Maruéjol -

Current issue: ECORD Newsletter #24, April 2015
NEW :: Special topics :: NEW

:: ECORD Education and Training:
1st ECORD Training Course -
U. Röhl
    ECORD Teacher at Sea on Exp 353 - M. Fingerle
    Logging and petrophysics training of early-carreer scientists

:: Reports of MagellanPlus Workshops:
North Atlantic Drilling
- O. Friedrich et al.,
Drilling the Tropical S Atlantic - T. Wagner et al

:: Report of ECORD Research Grant - C. Patten

:: IODP Proposal 820 Maldives Monsoon - C. Betzler

:: "Earth and Life Processes Discovered from Subseafloor Environments" - a review by - C. Mével

:: ICDP's new Science Plan - C. Knebel and T. Wiersberg

:: D/V Chikyu- S. Toczko and N. Egushi
The next issue will be released On November 2015.

Previous issues from November 2014 (#23) to October 2003 (#1)

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