On behalf of the ECORD Council, the ECORD Managing Agency (EMA) manages the participation of ECORD members in IODP. The Director of the EMA is the official contact point for ECORD in all relationships with IODP entities.

EMA Office

EMA is administered by the INSU-CNRS, a French national institute, which funds and coordinates national and international programmes and large infrastructure projects in solid earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences.
Since January 2012, EMA is staffed with a Director assisted by an Assistant Director and an Administrator (central office at CEREGE-CNRS) and an Outreach Coordinator (outreach and publication office at CRPG-CNRS).

Gilbert CAMOIN



Patricia RIEU

EMA Tasks and Interactions within ECORD

  • Pooling financial contributions provided by the ECORD members in support for IODP;
  • Reporting to the ECORD Council and provides an ECORD programme plan for approval and a budget for each upcoming fiscal year, consistent with the IODP prenegotiating an annual contract and transfers funds to the ECORD Science Operator (ESO) for carrying out the mission-specific platform expeditions (MSPs);
  • Providing funds to support ESSAC, ECORD offices, MagellanPlus Workshop Series;
  • Maintaining the ECORD archives in coordination with ESSAC;
  • Seeking to extend ECORD to non-member countries;
  • Working towards the establishement of a European infrastructure.

EMA Tasks and Interactions within IODP

  • Conveying the ECORD position to the IODP Forum;
  • Signing contracts and memoranda with NSF (USA) and MEXT (Japan) on implementation of IODP;
  • Providing ECORD contribution to NSF and MEXT on an annual basis to cover operations of the US and Japanese drillships;
  • Representing ECORD in all the relevant IODP committees, panels and task forces.


booth5-redIn association with ESO and ESSAC and through the ECORD Outreach and Education Task Force (E-OETF), EMA coordinates the ECORD communication activities, specifically:

  • Informing the public and the scientific community of the progress of IODP, via online tools (websites, ECORD news, social networks, ECORD database, newsletter), exhibition booths at international conferences, public events and media releases;
  • Creating and supporting educational resources and opportunities;
  • Supporting national activities in ECORD member countries;
  • Collaborating with IODP partners (USA, Japan, ANZIC, Korea, etc.) and with other science programmes (ICDP);

Past EMA members

  • Milena Borissova, CEREGE-CNRS – EMA Assistant Director 2012-2014
  • Amine Benchick, IPG Paris – EMA Assistant Director 2010-2012
  • Rosa Bernal Carrerra, IPG Paris – EMA Assistant Director 2006-2010
  • Catherine Mével, IPG Paris – EMA Director 2003-2012
  • Svetlana Zolotikova, IPG Paris – EMA Assistant Director 2003-2006