ECORD in museums and exhibitions

ECORD provides various materials for exhibitions to museums and thus it has its presence in several museums across Europe. This includes permanent exhibitions (NHM Vienna, Austria and Cosquer Méditerranée museum, Marseille, France) and temporary exhibits (e.g. German Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven, Germany, and MARUM, Bremen, Germany).

ECORD is willing to provide materials and information for various museums and exhibitions in Europe. Please contact ECORD Outreach Officer for more info at

ECORD and ICDP in the Natural History Museum Vienna

(Vienna, Austria, since 21 February 2023, permanent exhibit)

Since February 2023 ECORD and ICDP have their presence in the National History Museum in Vienna, Austria.

A permanent exhibit in NHM Vienna, in Geology section Hall 6: “The Earth – a dynamic Planet” presents four core replicas donated by ECORD and ICDP, and corresponding information, video material, and descriptions. Read more »

ECORD in German Maritime Museum (DSM):
“CHANGE NOW – Ships change the world”

(Bremerheven, Germany, February – July 2022, temporary exhibit)

The ECORD ACEX core replica was displayed in the section of “Ocean research” in the area focused on “Science“. This section presented the history of ships in the light of ocean science. The core replica and the information related to the expedition were located in the immediate proximity to the model of the Glomar Challenger.

ECORD also provided the museum with photographs from the IODP Expedition 302: ACEX. Science related information was provided by Prof. Jan Backman (Co-chief Scientist of IODP Expedition 302: ACEX), and Prof. Rudy Stein, Co-chief Scientist of IODP Expedition 377: ArcOP.

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Virtual tour
The exhibition lasted five months and is now available to be visited through a virtual tour, where the user can explore all the areas of the former physical form of the exhibition using Internet
connection: launch virtual tour of CHANGE NOW! And into the ice »

ECORD in Cosquer Méditerranée museum

(Marseille, France, since summer 2022, permanent exhibit)

The Cosquer Méditerranée museum shares information about the Cosquer cave that was visited by Upper Paleolithic men during the glacial maximum (from 25000 to 19000 years before the present), when the coastline was more than ten kilometres from the seaside than it is today. The Tahiti core replica illustrates how the high-resolution dating based on corals identified in the cores explains sea-level changes during postglacial upwelling (from 19000 to 6000 years) and the following closure of the entrance to the Cosquer cave.

A core replica related to IODP Expedition 310: Tahiti Sea Level is now displayed at the newly opened museum Cosquer Méditerranée (harbour of Marseille, France).

More on the exhibition

ECORD at Algarve Living Science Center (CCVAlg)
IODP Expedition 401 | Salty secrets of the Mediterranean: a story to be revealed

(Faro, Portugal, temporary exhibit, December 2023 – February 2024)

CCVAlg’s team embarked on developing and co-creating a temporary exhibition (IODP Expedition 401 | Salty secrets of the Mediterranean: a story to be revealed) in collaboration with ECORD outreach team, Portuguese ECORD representatives, the US Science Support Program, ICDP correspondents, and Co-chief Scientists. The exhibition opened on 19 December 2023, featuring five activity tables surrounding the ECORD sphere, two projected presentations, and a tablet with real-time connection to ECORD’s social media. The activities were designed to document and explain various aspects and processes involved in ECORD programme.

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