The ECORD Industry Liaison Panel (ECORD ILP) acts as a link between academia and industry forging and fostering mutually-beneficial relationships. The panel comprises representatives from interested industries and service companies (in Europe and wider international), academia and research institutes and ECORD entities.

The ECORD ILP is an ad-hoc committee.


Tasks and Interactions

  • Providing support and offering guidance to the academic community for meeting industrial and related scientific objectives;
  • Identifying topics of interest to the industrial community and suggesting others that might be initiated by industrial members and developed jointly with academics;
  • Facilitating mutual communication and cooperative scientific activities between IODP and related industries, (i.e. technology-development, innovation, engineering) with the aim of benefiting ocean drilling science and technology;
  • Maximising economic benefits from sharing resources, such as manpower, drilling of sites, development of joint drilling and sampling technologies, core and data analyses, and improved downhole measurement and observatory capabilities.