ECORD Sphere: an interactive spherical display
presenting ECORD and IODP

The ECORD Sphere presents IODP/ECORD mission, IODP expeditions and ECORD MSP concept on an interactive spherical display (spherical touchscreen). The ECORD Sphere presents its content in form of interactive illustrations, animations, photographs, video and audio material.

The scientific content focuses on an introduction to the four IODP science themes, IODP/ECORD drilling vessels, selected IODP/ECORD expeditions covering all IODP themes, and the three IODP core repositories. It also illustrates and/or animates selected scientific data of ocean acidity, sea-level rise, draining the oceans and tectonic plates.

Download poster explaining ECORD Sphere (4.2 MB, PDF) »

ECORD Sphere is available for loans to museums and aquariums across Europe, as well as for organizers of meetings and conferences.

For info and loan requests contact Malgo Bednarz, EMA Outreach Officer, at

The ECORD sphere is to be presented with associated flexible poster stand (about 2m height) which explains how to explore the content of the Sphere (see poster explaining ECORD Sphere).

Currently ECORD Sphere is available in English language only.

ECORD Sphere was recently displayed in museums (including Natural History Museum, Vienna, Austria) and on several meetings and conferences in Europe (including EGU 2023).