Submission Deadline for IODP Drilling Proposals:

2 October 2018


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>> Science Plan 2013-2023

The International Ocean Discovering Program (IODP) is based on proposals to use the IODP drilling platforms for hypothesis-drive science in line with the IODP Science Plan “Illuminating Earth’s Past, Present and Future”. Drilling proposals are peer-reviewed within the IODP framework by the Science Evaluation Panel (SEP) aided by anonymous external reviewers in a process facilitated by the Science Support Office.

Drilling proposals can target any of the four principal themes and related initiatives outlined in the IODP Initial Science Plan:

  1. Climate and Ocean Change: Reading the Past, Informing the Future;
  2. Biosphere Frontiers: Deep Life, Biodiversity, and Environmental Forcing of Ecosystems;
  3. Earth Connections: Deep Processes and Their Impact on Earth«s Surface Environment
  4. Earth in Motion: Processes and Hazards on Human Time Scales

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