IODP National Offices in ECORD countries

IODP Canada
IODP Deutschland
IODP España
IODP Finland
IODP Netherlands
Swedish Scientific Drilling Program
Swiss IODP

IODP- and ECORD-related websites

EPC – European Petrophysics Consortium
IODP – International Ocean Discovery Program
IODP Core Repositories: l BCR (Europe) l GCR (U.S.A.) l KCC (Japan)
U.S.A.: NSF l USSSP l JRSO (JOIDES Resolution)
Japan: MEXT l J-DESC l CDEX (Chikyu)
China: MOST l IODP-China
Korea: K-IODP
Australia-New Zealand: ANZIC l Drill NZ
India – MoES l IODP-India
Brasil – CAPES
DSDP – Deep Sea Drilling Project (1966-1983)
ODP – Ocean Drillling Program Legacy (1983-2003)


ECORD: ECORD Information Database
IODP: SEDIS l MSP Data Portal l JOIDES Resolution Core Database l Chikyu Laboratory Data Center l Ocean Drilling Citation Database l Google Earth Borehole Map

Other Programmes/Organisations/Institutions

ICDP – International Continental Scientific Drilling Program
ANDRILL – Antarctic Geological Drilling
BGS-Marine Operations – Marine Operations and Engineering
DS3F – Deep-Sea and Sub-Seafloor Initiative
Earth Science Europe
EMSO – European Multidisciplinary Seafloor Observatory
ESF – European Science Foundation
EurOcean – European Centre for Information on Marine Science and Technology
Europa – Gateway to the European Union
Ifremer – French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea
IMAGES – the International Marine Past Global Changes Studies
InterRidge – International Cooperation in ridge-crest studies
IPEV – Institut Polaire Français Paul Emile Victor
IRIS – Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
JAMSTEC – Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
Marine Board
MARUM – Centre for Marine Environmental Sciences
Ocean Networks Canada
SCAR – Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research


– IODP-Japan: Chikyu Onboard School l Chikyu Hakken l Chikyu Kids l Museum
– IODP-USA: JOIDES Resolution l School of Rock
For teachers: Access ocean drilling data (IODP-France – in French)
Drill me a Painting by Christine Laverne
ECORD on YouTube
IODP on YouTube
Marine Sciences:
Classroom@Sea (NOCS, UK)
Class@oceans (VLIZ, Belgium)
Explore the Seafloor (UK)
The Ocean Portal – Smithsonian Institution’s Ocean Initiative
Earthquakes and Seismology:
Discovering Geology-Earthquakes (BGS)
ERI: Earthquake Research Institute – University of Tokyo
IRIS: Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
SISMOS à l’école (in French)
UK School Seismology Project
BGS – Discovering Geology
BRGM Education (in French)
ESTA – Earth Science Teachers’ Association
GeoScholar – BGS teaching packages for UK universities
GIFT – Geosciences Information for Teachers at EGU
Le Visage Sous-Marin de la Terre (pdf) – Eléments de géodynamique océanique by Yves Lagabrielle (in French, CGMW/CNRS)
Les Sciences de la Terre au Lycée – CNRS (in French)
Paleontology Portal (USA)
Plate Tectonics – The Geological Society of London
The USGS and Science Education