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ECORD Awards

The ECORD Award is given to scientists in recognition of their outstanding contribution to ECORD and IODP.

Below are the list and the profiles of the recipients of the ECORD Award. The recipients share their stories about their personal journey through scientific ocean drilling with ECORD and IODP.

1st ECORD Award: Patricia Maruéjol,  7 Nov 2018

2nd ECORD Award: Gerold Wefer, 12 March 2019

3rd ECORD Award: Robert Gatliff, 21 March 2019

4th ECORD Award: Werner E. Piller, 5 October 2019

5th ECORD Award: David Smith, 1 October 2020

6th ECORD Award: Rosalind Coggon, 29 October 2020

7th ECORD Award: Dick Kroon, 12 October 2021

8th ECORD Award: Antony Morris, 20 October 2021

9th ECORD Award: Gabriele Uenzelmann-Neben, 16 November 2022

10th ECORD Award: Ursula Röhl, 16 November 2022

11th ECORD Award: John Ludden, 25 April 2023

12th ECORD Award: Catherine Mével, 25 April 2023