ECORD offers a unique opportunity for outreach specialists of ECORD countries to take part in IODP expeditions onboard the JOIDES Resolution and mission-specific platforms.

From left to right: Helder Pereira (Portugal), Susan Gebbels, Markus Fingerle (Germany), Jean-Luc Bérenguer (France) and Norihito Kawamura (Japan)

When a call for sailing as an Outreach Officer is open, information is posted on Apply to sail. Interested candidates must follow the instructions detailed in the application and send their application to the ESSAC Office – and to their IODP national office or ESSAC delegate.

Important: Since late 2018, ECORD has decided to stop calling for teachers to sail onboard IODP expeditions. However, information about educational resources produced by ECORD teachers who sailed from 2004 to 2018 are availble below.

Further information about Outreach Officers onboard the JOIDES Resolution.

ECORD Outreach Officers from 2023


Marley Parker – Photographer/Videographer, Outreach Specialist (USA) – Expedition 389: Hawaiian Drowned Reefs


Vivien Cumming Outreach specialist (UK) – Expedition 379 Amundsen Sea W Antarctic Ice Sheet History ship’s log


ECORD Education/Outreach Officers from 2004 to 2018


Agnès Pointu Teacher (France) – Expedition 374 Ross Sea West Antarctic Ice Sheet Historyblog post

Martin Böttcher Teacher (Germany) – Expedition 381 Corinth Active Rift Development  (Onshore Science Party)


Vivien Cumming Outreach specialist (UK) – Expedition 369 Australia Cretaceous Climate and Tectonics – posts on ship’s log

Alessia Cicconi Teacher (Italy) – Expedition 367 South China Rifted Margin A – report – posts on ship’s log

Martin BöttcherTeacher (Germany) –  Expedition 366 Mariana Convergent Margin & South Chamorro Seamountreport – posts on ship’s log


Agnès Pointu Teacher (France) – Expedition 362 Sumatra Seismogenic Zonereportblog posts (in French) – posts on ship’s log

Kevin Kurtz Outreach specialist (USA) and Barbara Matyssek Teacher (Germany) – Expedition 364 Chicxulub K-Pg Impact Craterreport – posts on expedition blog


Marion Burgio Teacher (France) and Lucas Kavanagh Outreach specialist (Canada) – Expedition 360 SW Indian Ridge Lower Crust and Moho – report – posts on ship’s log

Michèle Darrieu Teacher (France/Belgium) – Expedition 359 Maldives Monsoon and Sea Level – report – posts on ship’s log

Diane HananoOutreach specialist (Canada) – Expedition 354 Bengal Fanreportblog posts


Markus FingerleTeacher (Germany) – Expedition 353 Indian Monsoon Rainfall – report – posts on ship’s log

Lesley AllenTeacher (UK) – Expedition 350 Izu Bonin Rear Arc – posts on ship’s log


Jean-Luc BerenguerTeacher (France) and Susan Gebbels  Teacher (UK) – Expedition 345 Hess Deep Plutonic Crustreport – posts on ship’s log


Helder PereiraTeacher (Portugal) – Expedition 339 Mediterranean Outflowreport – posts on ship’s log


Jean Marie Gautier and Brigitte ThiebergeTeachers (France) – Expedition 327 Juan de Fuca Ridge Flank Hydrogeology – posts on ship’s log


Erik ZetterbergTeacher (Sweden) and Kathy CouchonTeacher (USA) – Expedition 302 Arctic Coring (ACEX) – report

Hannes von der FechtPhotographer (Germany) – Expedition 302 Arctic Coring (ACEX) – see pictures on his website and on the ECORD photo gallery.