#19 – Suspension of the Spanish ECORD membership

17 March 2022 – With regret we inform the ECORD community that the Spanish ECORD membership is temporarily suspended due to a non-signing of the ECORD 2019-2023 MoU and receipt of no financial contributions to ECORD from Spain read more

#18 – ECORD and scientific ocean drilling beyond 2024

25 November 2021 – ECORD intends to continue to play a prominent role in post-2024 scientific ocean drilling, based on its well-established infrastructure, its successful implementation of novel mission-specific expeditions read more

#17 – ECORD gets engaged to extend the International Ocean Discovery Program through 2024

21 November 2021 – U.S. FY2024 has been considered as an ‘option’ year in Memoranda underlying the JOIDES Resolution Consortium to extend the current term (30 September 2023) of the International Ocean Discovery Programread more

#16 – ECORD encourages submission of MSP Proposals related to the 2050 Science Framework

7 December 2020 – Scientific Ocean Drilling will soon enter a transitional phase from the 2013-2023 Science Plan to the 2050 Science Framework, which presents a new and innovative approach read more

#15 – Impact of COVID-19 disease outbreak on IODP and ECORD activities

25 March 2020 – While writing these words, the World is facing an unprecedented health crisis related to the COVID-19 disease outbreak, leading to very difficult and stressful situations read more

#14 – Expedition 389 Hawaiian Drowned Reefs is postponed

5 March 2019 – Based on the 2019-2023 MSP operational plan that has been approved by the ECORD Council at its last two meetings, the ECORD Science Operator (ESO)… read more

#13 – ECORD defines the 2019-2023 MSP operational plan

11 November 2018 – Mission specific platform expeditions are ECORD’s landmark. Since 2004 and the implementation of the first MSP expedition… read more

#12 – Jean-Pierre Henriet (1945-2017)

11 Mai 2017 – We are very sad to announce that the former Belgian ECORD Council Member, Professor Jean-Pierre passed away on 22 April 2017… read more

#11 – ECORD invites you to submit mission-specific platform (MSP) proposals!

3 April 2017 – Mission-specific platform expeditions (MSP) are ECORD’s landmark. Since 2004 and the implementation of the first MSP expedition, Arctic Coring Expedition (ACEX)… read more

#10 – ECORD invites you to submit AGU session proposals

17 January 2017 – Following discussions with the AGU Fall Meeting Program Chair, Denis-Didier Rousseau, a 3-year plan (2017-2019) of IODP-ICDP sessions at the AGU has been defined… read more