AGU Fall Meeting 2019 – San Francisco, CA, USA, 9-13/13/2019

  • Exhibition booth jointly organised with ICDP, USSSP and JAMSTEC

EGU 2019 – Vienna, Austria, 7-12/4/2019

AGUlogo AGU Fall Meeting 2018 – Washington, DC, USA, 10-14/12/2018 Exhibition booth jointly organised with ICDP, USSSP and JAMSTEC
SGI-SIMP 2018 – Catania, Italy, 12-14/9/2018 Exhibition booth jointly organised by IODP-Italia
ISC 2018 – Québec, QC, Canada, 13-17/8/2018

egu2016 EGU 2018 – Vienna, Austria, 8-13/4/2018

AGUlogo AGU Fall Meeting 2017 – New Orleans, USA, 11-15/12/2017 Exhibition booth jointly organised with ICDP, USSSP and JAMSTEC
Swiss Geoscience Meeting – Davos, Switzerland, 23-24/11/2017 Exhibition booth organised by SwissDrilling – report in ECORD Newsletter #28
International Meeting of Sedimentology – Toulouse, France, 10-12/10/2017 Exhibition booth organised by IODP-France – report in ECORD Newsletter #29
PAIS Conference 2017 – Trieste, Italy, 10-15/9/2017 Exhibition booth organised by IODP-Italia – report in ECORD Newsletter #29
egu2016 EGU 2017 – Vienna, Austria, 23-28/4/2017

AGUlogo AGU Fall Meeting 2016 – San Francisco, USA, 12-16/12/2016 Exhibition booth jointly organised with ICDP, ICDP, USSSP and JAMSTEC
24th Swiss Geoscience Conference – Geneva, Switzerland, 18-19/11/2016 Exhibition booth organised by SwissDrilling – report in ECORD Newsletter #26
  9th Geological Congress – Huelva, Spain, 13-14/9/2016 Exhibition booth organised by IODP-Espana
88th Congress of the Italian Geological Society – Naples, Italy, 7-9/9/2016 Exhibition booth organised by IODP-Italia
IGC2016 IGC 2016 – Cape Town, South Africa, 27/8 – 4/9/2016 Exhibition booth jointly organised with ICDP
egu2016 EGU 2016 – Vienna, Austria, 17-22/4/2016 Exhibition booth jointly organised with ICDP ICDP-IODP Townhall Meeting
AGUlogo AGU Fall Meeting 2015 – San Francisco, USA, 14-18/12/2015 Exhibition booth #313 jointly organised with ICDP IODP-ICDP Town Hall meeting
Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Basel, Switzerland, 21/11/2015 Exhibition booth jointly organised by SwissDrilling
GAC-MAC-AGU2015-logo GAC-MAC-AGU 2015, Montréal, QC, Canada, 3-7/5/2015 Exhibition booth jointly organised by ICDP and IODP Canada
egu_logo2015 EGU 2015 – Vienna, Austria,12-17/4/2015 Exhibition booth jointly organised with ICDP IODP-ICDP Townhall Meeting
photo : Tamano Omata

photo : Tamano Omata

AGU Fall Meeting 2014 – San Francisco, USA, 15-19/12/2014 It was the first time that IODP and ICDP had been represented at AGU Fall Meeting under “Scientific Drilling”, building on the successful collaboration between ECORD and ICDP at EGU. The exhibition booth was very successful. A joint IODP-ICDP and ANDRILL Townhall Meeting was very well attended with about 350 participants. Short presentations were given by Carola Knebel (ICDP) and Keir Becker (IODP Forum Chair) and 24 posters showed yearly accomplishements of both programmes.
IODP-Canada_GSA2014 GSA 2014 – Vancouver, Canada, 19-22/10/2014 IODP-ECORD exhibition booth organised by IODP Canada.
RST 2014 – Pau, France, 27-31/10/2014 IODP-ECORD exhibition booth organised by IODP-France at the 24th Réunion des Sciences de la Terre.
Geoscienze 2014 – Milano, Italy, 10-12/9/2014 IODP-ECORD exhibition booth organised by IODP-Italia at the Congress of the Italian Geological Society and the Italian Society of Minerology and Petrography – report in ECORD Newsletter #23.
ISC_2014 ISC 2014 – Geneva, Switzerland, 18-22/8/2014 Joint ECORD/IODP-ICDP booth in conjunction with IODP and ICDP sessions
egu_logo2015 EGU 2014 – Vienna, Austria, 27/4 – 2/5/2014 Exhibition booth jointly organised with ICDP IODP-ICDP Townhall Meeting
ECORD_3PArctic2013 3P Arctic 2013 – Stavanger, Norway, 15-18/10/2013 After the success of the booth at the conference held in Halifax, Canada, in 2011, ECORD took part as an exhibitor at the 3P Arctic Conference 2013 in Stavanger, Norway. The booth attracted steady interest throughout the conference and gave us the opportunity to show the areas where Arctic proposals have been submitted to IODP and help liaise with scientists and industry working in the region.
  Goldschmidt2013   Goldschmidt 2013 – Florence, Italy, 25-30/8/2013 For the third succesive year ECORD presented IODP to geochemists attending the Goldschmidt 2013. The conference was a major success with more than 4,100 participants. This year we invited ICDP to share a booth after many questions were asked at the Goldschmidt 2012 about lakes and continental drilling. More than 50 presentations were about IODP expeditions and the sessions related to IODP science draew many visitors to the booth.
  EGU2013   EGU 2013 – Vienna, Austria, 7-12/4/2013 Exhibition booth jointly organised with ICDP IODP-ICDP Townhall Meeting
goldschmidt2012-a Goldschmidt 2012 – Montréal, Canada, 24-29/6/2012 For the second time, ECORD held an exhibit booth at a Goldschmidt conference to promote IODP to geochemists. The 22nd Goldschmidt gathered about 3,000 participants with 30% students and focused on Earth in Evolution. The exhibit booth was jointly organised by IODP Canada with support from IODP-MI and the GEOTOP, host of the conference. IODP Canada also took the opportunity to organise a townhall meeting to present the news of the programme.
  gac-mac-2012-a   GAC-MAC 2012, St John’s, NF, Canada, May 27-29, 2012 IODP-Canada had an exhibition booth at the joint annual meeting of the Geological Association of Canada and the Mineralogical Association of Canada (GAC-MAC).The conference was held in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and over 900 Earth scientists were in attendance. Some popular topics of discussion at the booth were drilling in the Arctic Ocean, Canada’s role in the programme post-2013, and the upcoming Newfoundland Sediment Drifts Expedition. Subscribers to the Canadian mailing list increased by ~10%.
  egu2012-a   EGU 2012 – Vienna, Austria, 22-27/4/2012 Exhibition booth jointly organised with ICDP IODP-ICDP Townhall Meeting
agu2011-a AGU Fall 2011 – San Francisco, USA, 5-9/12/2011 Albert Gerdes and Patricia Maruéjol worked in the IODP-MI booth organised by Miyuki Otomo, IODP-MI Communication Manager. The booth was a central point to meet the IODP science community and our Japanese and US colleagues. ECORD staff also took part in the well-attended IODP Townhall meeting and made contact with the journalists in the media room. Several informal meetings were held with Sarah Saunders and Matthew Wright (Ocean Leadership) and Diane Hanano (IODP Canada) to prepare portcall activities in Lisbon and the IODP-ECORD booth at the Goldschmidt Conference 2012 in Montréal respectively.
  3PArctic-2011-a   3P Arctic 2011– Halifax, NS, Canada, 31/8-2/9/2011 The aim was to promote industry collaboration in this frontier area for both science and industry. As well as having a stand in the exhibition area, at which industry representatives were invited to identify geographical areas where they would benefit from scientific drilling, ECORD organised a scientific session chaired by Richard Hardman, the Chair of the ECORD Industry Liaison Panel, and Robert Gatliff, Chair of the ECORD Science Operator. The session was well-attended and clearly demonstrated the exciting opportunities for collaboration in the new programme.
  goldschmidt2011-a   Goldschmidt 2011– Prague, Czech Republic, 14-19/8/2011 This year ECORD and IODP decided to have an exhibition booth at the Goldschmidt Conference, with the aim of presenting the programme to geochemists who did not attend the EGU meeting. With 3,300 participants, the conference was smaller than EGU, but there were many visitors to the booth asking for information and subscribing to Scientific Drilling. Contacts with the European Association of Geochemistry (EAG) were also made.
  gac-mac-2011-a   GAC-MAC 2011 – Ottawa, Canada, 25-27/5/2011 IODP-Canada and ICDP-Canada shared an exhibition booth at the joint annual meeting of the Geological Association of Canada and the Mineralogical Association of Canada, held at the University of Ottawa on May 25-27, 2011. Over 1050 Earth scientists, including 285 students, from Canada, the US, Europe and Asia attended the conference. Anne de Vernal, Chair of IODP-Canada, and the Co-ordinators of IODP-Canada and ICDP-Canada staffed the booth and met with students, faculty and funding agency representatives. Subscribers to the Canadian mailing list increased by over 10%.

photo T. Wiersberg, ICDP

EGU 2011 – Vienna, Austria, 3-8/4/2011 The joint IODP-ICDP Tonwhall meeting held on April 5, was a very well attended event with about 250 people who met to hear about the news of both programmes.
booth7a EGU 2011 – Vienna, Austria, 3-8/4/2011 The IODP-ICDP exhibition booth was a very active focal point for the scientific drilling community and also for scientists from other fields of research (biology, oceanology) and non-IODP countries (Russia, Brazil). Lively core scanner demonstrations with real cores were organised by ICDP. As a result we collected a total of 150 new subscribers to the IODP-ICDP Scientific Drilling journal. Many teachers who attended education sessions at EGU stopped by the booth to know about resources ECORD make available for the classroom activities and to pick up USIO and CDEX documents. The new ECORD/ESO video was shown for the first time.

photo M. Otomo, IODP

AGU Fall 2010 – San Francisco, USA, 14-17/12/2010 The IODP activities at AGU – booth and Townhall meeting – were organised by Miyuki Otomo (IODP-MI) with support from CDEX, ECORD and Consortium for Ocean Leadership. All displayed materials were very popular, in particular the INVEST and Chikyu DVDs, the ECORD Calendar 2010 and the last versions of the Newsletters. Albert Gerdes (ESO) and Amine Benchikh (EMA) volunteered to help on site. A journalist from Nature took the opportunity to meet Jamie Allen, Benoit Ildefonse, Andy Fisher and Heiko Palike.
photo Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee

photo Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee

  EurOcean 2010 – Ostend, Belgium, October 12-14, 2010. A joint DS3F-ECORD/IODP booth was organised at EurOcean 2010 where European marine scientists met to discuss the future priorities for European marine research and to present the Ostend Declaration, that was prepared in consultation with the relevant stakeholders. Achim Kopf, the Co-ordinator of the DS3F, was invited to give a talk entitled “A Deeper Knowledge – Discovery and Exploration of the Deep-Sea Frontier”.
  geocanada-a   GeoCanada 2010 – Calgary, Canada, May 10-14, 2010 Hélène Gaonach’, Science Coordinator at IODP Canada, organised a very successful joint IODP-ICDP exhibition booth, supported by Douglas Schmitt (University of Alberta) and Bernd Milkereit (University of Toronto) as well as a large team of students.
  10a   EGU 2010 – Vienna, Austria, 2-5/5/2010 For the first time, a ECORD/IODP-ICDP organised a joint booth at EGU 2010. A large L-shape exhibition booth included a model of the drillship L/B Kayd (Exp 313), recent publications of ECORD, IODP and ICDP and attractive CoreWalll demonstrations of ICDP cores. A combined ECORD-ICDP-IODP team was busy to welcome a large number of visitors to the booth. A Joint IODP-ICDP Townhall meeting gathered more than 200 attendees and provided brief updates on the recent achievements and future scientific drilling projects.
agutwh09-a AGU Fall 2009 – San Francisco, USA, 14-18/12/2009 The IODP booth at AGU Expo 2009 attracted many visitors to watch the beautiful images and videos of the recent IODP expeditions on a large video wall. At the IODP Townhall meeting held on December 15 , the audience has been invited to contribute their input in a lively Q&A session with distinguished panelists, including scientists, program leaders and funding representatives.
  pel-a   Planet Earth Lisbon Event 2009 – Lisbon, Portugal, 20-22/11/2009 The booth presented by IODP Portugal (Antje Voelker, Fatima Abrantes and Zuzia Stroynowski) took place at the ‘Pavilion of Knowledge”/ Pavilhão do conhecimento – Ciência Viva’. The visitors were very interested in seeing the foraminifers and diatoms under the microscope and also fascinated with the photo mosaic of the JOIDES Resolution and ‘Stories in a Core’ coloring sheets.
  asf1   12th ASF Meeting – Rennes, France, 27-29/10/2009 ECORD took part in the meeting of French sedimentologists held in Rennes to meet the scientists, students and teachers at the IODP booth and provide them with the first results of the New Jersey Shallow Shelf Expedition given by Co-chie Scientist Jean Noël Proust.
© IODP-Italia

© IODP-Italia

  GeoItalia 2009 – Rimini, Italy, 9-11/9/2009 During the VII Forum Italiano di Scienze delle Terra ‘Geoitalia 2009’, IODP-Italia organised a booth dedicated to ECORD/IODP/IODP-Italia.The booth was hosted by the Società Geologica Italiana and attracted a large number of scientists, from universities as well as research institutions, ca. 250 signatures as expression of interest have been collected, as well as TV and radio media. Along with three core replicas and several illustrated materials, a PC was continuosly running IODP-ECORD movies. Also, T-shirts were available with the aim of promoting the interest through the Italian Earth science community.
photo IODP-Canada

photo IODP-Canada

  AGU/CGU/GAC/MAC Joint Assembly 2009 – Toronto, Canada, 24-27/5/2009 The Canadian Consortium for Ocean Drilling (CCOD) office took advantage of this Joint Assembly meeting in Toronto to coordinate the IODP booth. It was a great success and also a great opportunity to pass the word that the three IODP platforms – the recently renovated JOIDES Resolution, the MSP Kayd and the riser drillship Chikyu – just started their respective expeditions. Visitors received new IODP products available (ECORD and Chikyu newsletters and Scientific Drilling journal).




  EGU 2009 – Vienna, Austria, 19-24/4/2009 More than 9,000 scientists from all over the world attended the EGU General Assembly 2009. ECORD organised the IODP booth and the IODP/ICDP Town Hall meeting jointly with ICDP and the strong support of IODP partners (IODP-MI, CDEX/JAMSTEC, J-DESC, IODP-USIO) and ICDP.


AGU Fall 2008 – San Francisco, USA, 15-19/12/2008 A video wall in the IODP booth demonstrated 12 video segments also posted on YouTube, where IODP has opened a new online channel. French scientist/author Christine Laverne signed copies of her new book, Drill Me a Painting, which describes her experiences during DSDP, ODP and IODP. Approximately 250 copies of Christine’s book were distributed to teachers and researchers at AGU. Colleagues from J-DESC and IODP-MI Sapporo gathered at AGU.
  VES14   Ville Européenne des Sciences – Paris, France, 14-16/11/2008 In collaboration with ECORD, IODP-MI and CDEX, the CNRS-INSU, French funding agency, held a large exhibit booth at the “Ville Européenne des Sciences”, a major public event for scientific outreach at the Grand Palais in Paris. Over the course of the three days, the booth attracted large numbers of visitors as well as magazine and radio reporters, who were interested in learning about the scientific challenges of ocean drilling.
  igc   33rd International Geological Conference (IGC) – Olso, Norway, 6-14/8/2008 An integrated IODP booth was organised by ECORD and included representation from all IODP partners and their activities. IGC is held every four years and is longer than most comparable meetings (e.g. AGU, EGU and JPGU). The 2008 event attracted 6,000 scientists from 113 countries. >> photo gallery and videos of the booth and events.


  EGU 2008 – Vienna, Austria, 13-20/4/2008 About 8,400 people attended the EGU General Assembly 2008. For the fourth consecutive year, ECORD presented the ECORD/IODP booth, which was an opportunity for scientists, educators and students to catch up with the most recent news of the program and to meet the scientists who are participating in the programme.
photo ©BGS

photo ©BGS

Oceanology International – London, U.K., 11-13/3/2007 Part of the British Geological Survey booth at the Oceanology International Conference in London was used to describe the ECORD contribution to IODP and promotional material was distributed at the stand.
    AGU Fall 2007 – San Francisco, USA The IODP Townhall meeting “Opportunities and Challenges” was held on 11 December, 2007  


EGU 2007 – Vienna, Austria, 15-20/4/2007
agu06 AGU Fall 2006 – San Francisco, USA The IODP Townhall meeting “Charting IODP Investigations: Planning Workshops, Drilling Vessels” was held on December 14.


EGU 2006 – Vienna, Austria, 25-29/4/2006 Approximately 8,000 people attended the EGU 2006 meeting and many of them visited the ECORD-IODP booth. The booth, set up by EMA, was well supported by ESO and ESSAC with help from staff at IODP Germany and IODP-MI. Many scientists volunteered in the booth by sharing their own IODP experiences with interested EGU attendees. The booth featured informational materials from all parts of IODP, including posters focussing on “Mission-specific platforms in the IODP,” and “Platforms and Vessels in IODP.


AGU Fall 2005 – San Francisco, USA, 5-9/12/2005 ECORD staff participated in the IODP booth at AGU 2005. It was the opportunity to meet US and Japanese E &O colleagues and to distribute ECORD materials (ECORD Newsletter # 5, ECORD leaflet, calendars and ACEX posters). A poster on the initial outcomes of the Tahiti Sea-Level Expedition 310 was also presented after the offshore phase was completed. The IODP Townhall meeting ‘Focus on future IODP achievement’ was held on December 8.


EGU 2005 – Vienna, Austria, 25-29/4/2005 It was the first participation of ECORD as an exhibitor in the EGU General Assembly, which took place a few months after the successful completion of the first mission-specific platform (MSP) expedition, the Arctic Coring Expedition. This international conference covering all fields of geosciences was attended by almost 8,000 people, mostly originated from European countries.


AGU Fall 2004– San Francisco, USA, 13-17/12/2004 The AGU Fall Meeting was attended by almost 13,000 participants. ECORD participated in the exhibition meeting through the IODP booth managed by Nancy Light, IODP-MI Director of communications. The booth was successful and benefited from the ODP cores driven from the TAMU repository by Bruce Horan, the Chikyu model from JAMSTEC and widely from all the scientists involved in. The IODP Townhall Meeting was held on December 14.
  florence   32nd International Geological Congress (IGC) – 20-28/8/2004, Florence, Italy The IODP booth was organised by EMA and S. Zolotikova (EMA), V. Zampetti (ESSAC) and M. Cortez (JOI) got invaluable help from Y. Tatsumi, H. Kitazato and T. Williams who volunteered to man the booth at their spare time during the congress. M. Talwani, J. Ludden, D. Falvey and H. Kudrass animated discussions about the IODP and ECORD. In addition, we managed to keep a daily log of the Arctic Coring Expedition – ACEX.
C. Aizawa © IODP

C. Aizawa © IODP

On August 16-20, 2004, the Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting – WPGM was held at Honolulu, Hawaï, U.S.A. About 300 participants stopped by the IODP booth organised by CDEX (Cheiko Aizawa) where a model scale of the drillship Chikyu was presented.
C. Aizawa © IODP

C. Aizawa © IODP

  The IODP promotion at the exhibition booth at the 1st annual meeting of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society-AOGS in Singapore, was organised by JAMSTEC/CDEX/J-DESC (Cheiko Aizawa). It was a successful event with the kind cooperation of the IODP E&O team members. About 350 of 900 participants visited the IODP booth and all brochures (including ACEX leaflet, the brochures of riserless vessel, IODP) were completely delivered to the visitors.
 omarc The ECORD Managing Agency (EMA) chose the Ocean Margin Research Conference – OMARC to present and promote the newly-formed ECORD consortium. The conference was supported by the European Commission and the UNESCO and held on September 15-17, 2003 in Paris, France.