Data and samples collected during IODP, ODP and DSDP expeditions and legs are public and available to the science community upon request. Below are listed all databases to access information.

Access ECORD data and information

The MSP expeditions database presents all data collected during mission-specific platform (MSP) expeditions operated by the ECORD Science Operator (ESO) with support from WDC-MARE/PANGEA.
Contact: Vera Bender, Mary Mowat

The ECORD Information database keeps record of ECORD participation in IODP expeditions, proposals and workshops, as well as members of panels and committees. We are currently working on a renewed version of the database to be re-launched on September-October 2019.
Contact: Malgo Bednarz

Access IODP, ODP and DSDP data

Google Earth Scientific Borehole Map shows location of all DSDP, ODP and IODP drilled sites.

The Scientific Earth Drilling Information System (SEDIS) gives access to data, information and publications related to scientific ocean drilling (IODP, ODP and DSDP), regardless of origin or location of data. SEDIS allows the public to search the databases of the IODP Implementing Organizations (IOs) CDEX, ESO and USIO – by harvesting distributed metadata.

The Site Survey Data Bank (SSDB) is a repository for digital site-survey data submitted in support of International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) proposals, expeditions and related activities.

USIO Core Database (JOIDES Resolution expeditions)

SIO7 Data Center (Chikyu expeditions)

Ocean Drilling Citation Database
In collaboration with AGI, the IODP-JOIDES Resolution Science Operator (JRSO) maintains a citation database for DSDP, ODP and IODP-related publications.



See also IODP website