As science committee ESSAC and its Office are responsible for coordinating the applications and selecting the scholars. 

Since 2007 ECORD provides 10 to 15 scholarships annually to allow young scientists to attend one of the ECORD Summer Schools.
As science committee ESSAC and its Office are responsible for coordinating the applications and selecting the scholars. 

Open call  for ECORD SCHOLARSHIPS 2017

The European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD) will sponsor 10  to 15 Scholarships to allow outstanding young scientists to attend one of the three 2017 ECORD Summer Schools in Urbino (Italy), Bremen (Germany) or Leicester (UK). The Scholarships will contribute to costs of registration, travel, subsistence and/or accommodation at the Summer Schools.

The ECORD Scholarships are open to young scientists based in ECORD countries  (link  for a list of ECORD countries). 

Preference will be given to PhD students or early-career post-doctoral research scientists. The review of the applications will be made by ESSAC, the ECORD Science Committee, and the decisions will be communicated by the mid May 2017.

The deadline to apply for an ECORD Scholarship  is 24 March 2017. 

Applications should be sent to the ESSAC Office  ( and should include a detailed Letter of Interest (max. two pages), a CV and a Letter of Support from one supervisor.

No other attachments will be accepted.

Application for an ECORD Scholarship is independent of the application and registration process to an ECORD Summer School. Please be aware that application and registration for the ECORD Summer Schools must be made directly through the respective Summer School organisers  (link) and not through the ESSAC office.

CALL for ECORD Scholarships 2017 DEADLINE :








Did you know ?

Students from ECORD member countries have participated in the 2015 ECORD Training Course and Summer Schools.

ECORD Scholarship awardees 2016

Aupart, Claire

Bianchin, Luca

Sinnesael, Matthias

Agnel, Myriam

Jakob, Kim Alix

Kerr, Katrina

Lucas, Sarah

Nuber, Sophie

Sengupta, Ritwika

Candoni, Olivero

Elger, Judith

Olivo, Elisabetta

Valenzano, Eliana

Brunet, Morgane

Eruteya, Ovie Emmanuel

ECORD Scholarship awardees 2015

Amann, Mederic
Basch, Valentine
Berno, Davide
Ciazela, Jakub
Detlef, Henrieka
Dunkel, Kristina
Escario, Sofia
Ferrando, Carlotta
Keith, Manuel
Kemner, Fabian
Menke, Valerie
OConnor, Lauren
Obreht, Igor
Patten, Clifford
Phillips, Anna
Scharder, Cindy
Seyedali, Minasadat
Sparkes, Amy
Teboul, Pierre-Alexandre
Tetard, Martin
Thompson, Joseph Offei
Tsang, Man-Yin
Weinzierl, Christoph Gunther
Wessels, Richard
Wolfgring, Erik

ECORD Scholarship awardees 2014

Amberg, Chloe
Bista, Diksha
Brombacher, Anieke
Charidemou, Miros
Hilligsoe, Karen Marie
Hulse, Dominik
Jonas, Ann Sophie
Juassi, Marion Report Niezgodzki, Igor
Oliveira, Dulce
Owen, Robert
Rajala, Pauliina
Smith, Richard
Vansteenberge, Stef
Vickers, Madeleine
Wengler, Marc
Yu, Zhaojie Report Zhao, Rui

ECORD Scholarship awardees 2013

Arreguin, Gabriela
Cameron, Adele
Chen, Tianyu
Deprez, Arne
Dumoth, Matthew
Haller, Christian
Hoffman, Julia
Kaboth, Stephanie
Kaparulina, Ekaterina
Mckay, Claire
Miramontes, Elda
Newsam, Cherry
Oskan, Mimmi
Poole, Chris
Romanova, Alexandra
Salabardana, Ariadna
Sheward, Rosie
Wofgring, Erik
Wu, Jawang
Yamoah, Afrifa

ECORD Scholarship awardees 2012

Balmer, Sven
Beckers, Arnaud
Bradshaw, Catherine
Chan, Phoebe
Cliff, Leah
Costa Ana
Datema, Mariska
Gales, Jenny
Gonzalez, Ausin
Kempf, Philipp
Lang, David
Llopart Serra, Jaume
North, Rachel
Reusch, Anna
Rugenstein, Maria Almut
Sheldon, Christina
Smith, Gemma
Sprenk, Daniela

ECORD Scholarship awardees 2011 Workshop ||Engaging Early Career Scientists in Future Scientific Ocean Drilling||

Brackenridge, Rachel
Forwick, Matthias
Khelifi, Nabil
Kwiecien, Ola
Lise-Pronovost, Agathe

ECORD Scholarship awardees 2010 ECORD Summer School

Bonnet, Sophie
Barbarin, Nicolas
Bazhenova, Evgenia
Bell, David
Cogez, Antoine
Galaasen, Eirik Vinje
Gehrmann, Romina Antonia Sarah
Ivanovic, Ruza F.
Jansson, Ida Maria
O Dea, Sarah
Riethdorf, Jan-Rainer
Setoyama, Eiichi
Sghibartz, Cristina
Stepanek, Christian
Stewart, Joseph Alan