Rockers Helder Pereira and Jean-Luc Bérenguer during School of Rock 2009.

Schools of Rock are educational workshops during which teachers become familiar with the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP), scientific drilling and earth science through interactions with IODP scientists and former Education/Outreach Officers. To achieve that objective, the workhsop include science presentations and practical hands-on activities conducted by the participants. This initiative was created in 2005 by the IODP US Implementing Organization (IODP-USIO) as an expedition designed for earth and science teachers onboard the JOIDES Resolution during a transit of the drillship – more information

Since 2014,  ECORD Teachers who sailed onboard the JOIDES Resolution as Education/Outreach Officers take intiative to organise an educational workshop in their home country to share their at-sea experience and to teach their colleagues on how to bring IODP science into the classroom. Since 2015, the workshop is named “ECORD School of Rock” as it drew its inspiration from the US School of Rock.

US School of Rock

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Sharon Cooper:
2017 School of Rock: Expanding the Geoscience Pipeline by Connecting Educators with Early-Career IODP Scientists onboard the JOIDES Resolution


ECORD School of Rock

2014 Teachers’ Workshop in Valbonne, France

In April 2014, an ECORD/IODP workshop for teachers was held in France as a two- or three-day long workshop with lectures given by scientists and practical hands-on sessions developped and tested by scientists and educators who sailed on IODP drillships (JOIDES Resolution). ECORD recognised this pilot workshop as a major educational contribution to  educational objectives of the programme and supported that it should be shared and developped accross all ECORD countries as the “ECORD School of Rock”.

The main part of the funding of every ECORD School of Rock has to be provided by the national educational organisation/ministry of the hosting country. Additional funding is provided by the national IODP office and support could be requested to ECORD.

Plans for an ECORD School of Rock in 2018 in Italy are being discussed.

  • 2017 ECORD School of Rock – 29 November – 1 December 2017, Brussels (Organiser: Michelle Darrieu) – more information will be posted soon!
  • 2015 ECORD School of Rock: “Investigar e estudar a Terra sob of fundo do mar” – 8-10 July 2015, Loulé, Portugal (Organiser: Helder Pereira). Report
  • 2014 Teachers’ Workshop: “Understanding Earth with cores” – 9-11 April 2014, Valbonne, France (Organiser: Jean-Luc Bérenguer). Report
ECORD participants in the Schools of Rock onboard the JOIDES Resolution

David Edwards examines a smear slide made from a sediment core (photo Emily Powell, IODP/USIO Ocean Leadership).

2013 – Exploring cores and geology of the Pacific NW of Victoria, BC, 1-9 April 2013 – Jane Londero and Sarah Thornton (Canada)Report

2011 – A five-year review, 31 July – 5 August 2011 – Jean-Luc Bérenguer (France)Report

2010Cascadia ACORK Observatory, 5-18 September 2010 – David Edwards (UK) and Jean-Noël Puig (France) – more information

2009 – Cores, CORKS and Crust on the Juan de Fuca Ridge, 23 June-5 July 2009 (Expedition 321T): Jean-Luc Bérenguer (France) and Helder Pereira (Portugal)Report by H. Pereira and report published in the ECORD Newsletter