Prior to each mission-specific platform expedition, a Press Conference is held at which media representatives have the opportunity to meet the Co-chief scientists and members of the ESO team.

The New Jersey Shallow Shelf (NJSS) Expedition Press Conference took place at the Trump Marina Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ on Wednesday 29th April.

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News Release – NJSS launches drill rig

News Coverage – The press of Atlantic City

Daily progress reports from the platform are available.

During each MSP operation, an Expedition Logbook is maintained giving regular updates on progress. The NJSS Expedition Logbook includes a range of reports describing activities onboard the L/B Kayd.

A selection of photographs from the expedition are available in the Photo Gallery. If you would like to use these or see other photographs from the MSPs, please contact Alan Stevenson.

Following the offshore operations, the NJSS onshore science party took place at the Bremen Core Repository in November 2009. Further information about an MSP Onshore Science Party is available here.