RRS James Cook (NERC)

The offshore phase of Expedition 357 was preceded by a Media Conference at the Foreign Press Association, Award House, 7 St Matthew Street, London at 10:00 on Thursday 22 October 2015. A media release was issued shortly after the event. Media events were also held onboard the RRS James Cook, the vessel being used during the expedition, in Southampton on 23 Friday October 2015. Background information about the expedition is available on the expedition page and a flyer of the expedition.

During the expedition, ship reports describing the activities of the scientists, engineers and ship’s crew on-board the RRS James Cook were posted online.

The expedition Onshore Science Party (OSP) took place at the Bremen Core Repository (BCR) and MARUM laboratories in Bremen, Germany from 20 January to 5 February 2016. A media day was held on Monday 1 February, during which the first results of the expedition were presented. A media release accompanied the event.