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IODP-ICDP sessions at AGU 2017

A 3-year plan (2017-2019) of IODP-ICDP sessions at the AGU, ending with the celebration of the AGU Centennial in 2019, has been defined. Fitting with  AGU “SWIRLS”, three overarching societally relevant themes have been identified (1) Georesources, Storage and Sustainability, (2) Climate, Environment and Ecosystem and (3) Geological Hazards.
A call is open from 15 February to 19 April 2017.
more information >> and link to AGU online submission

Taira Prize 2017

The Asahiko Taira International Scientific Ocean Drilling Research Prize (The Taira Prize) is given annually to one early-middle career honoree in recognition of  “outstanding transdisciplinary research accomplishment in ocean drilling
Please refer to the AGU Honor’s webpage for specific details about the nomination process, nomination eligibility, and requirements. Nominations are due on 15 March 2017 and can be submitted using the AGU online submission system or by mail.