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Online Workshop: Exploring Deep Oceanic Crust off Hawaii


Register for Exploring Deep Oceanic Crust off Hawaii: Online workshop for IODP 951-Full proposal development (June 30 – July 3, 2020; Zoom). Deadline: June 21, 2020

Online Workshop: Exploring Deep Oceanic Crust off Hawaii
Exploring Deep Oceanic Crust off Hawaii: Online workshop for IODP 951-Full proposal development (June 30 – July 3, 2020; Zoom)
In the long-range vision of the 2050 Science Framework, deep scientific ocean drilling with emerging drilling and logging technologies — “Probing the Deep Earth” — will be one of the five flagship initiatives. This scientific and technological challenge will provide humankind a pathway to the Earth’s more profound realm and extend our fundamental insights into the nature of Earth’s deep interior and its geodynamic behavior. In this virtual workshop, we would like to develop a full proposal to explore ~2 km-deep oceanic crust off Hawaii using the D/V Chikyu.
During the online workshop, we will:

Discuss scientific objectives/questions, hypotheses, and available approaches based on the background information of 951-Pre proposal entitled “Drilling Middle-Aged Oceanic Crust on North Arch off Hawaii”,
Build an international and interdisciplinary proponent team and encourage collaborations therein, and
Develop a 951-Full proposal from both science and technology and submit by the 1 October 2020 deadline.

For more information and to apply, visit the workshop registration site:
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ECORD Facility Board 2021-2023

to serve on the ECORD Facility Board of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP), from 2021-2023
The European Consortium of Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD) is now accepting applications from active, leading international scientists to serve as Science Board Members on the ECORD Facility Board, the key forum for planning IODP mission-specific platform (MSP) expeditions, operated by ECORD.
Within IODP, each platform provider uses a Facility Board to make and inform decisions on the effective use of its drilling facility in fulfilling the objectives of the IODP Science Plan.
The primary tasks of the ECORD Facility Board are to:

recommend MSP expedition schedules, based on ready-to-drill, high-priority science proposals, optimal geographic distribution and costs
assess the Annual ECORD Plan, including operations schedule, data management, publications, core curation, and scientific technical development
advise on long-term planning of MSP expeditions
participate in ECORD reviews of completed MSP expeditions
liaise with all major entities of IODP

The ECORD Facility Board consists of a Science Board (six international scientists: 3 ECORD, 1 US, 1 Japan, 1 associated IODP member country) and the Executive Bureau (ECORD Executive Council Members, the ECORD Management Agency Director and the Chairs of ESO, ESSAC and ECORD-ILP), together with representatives of IODP entities and funding agencies (see
Here we are seeking a new Science Board member from an ECORD country with scientific expertise related to the “Ocean and Climate” theme of the IODP Science Plan 2013-2023 (see
The ECORD Facility Board meets once a year, usually in early spring. The new members are expected to serve for three years, starting 1 January 2021. Travel costs for related activities are fully covered by the relevant IODP national funding organizations.
Application Process: Interested scientists should send the following documents as PDFs to the ESSAC Office: (1) a letter of interest, including your area of expertise, research interests and previous involvement in DSDP/ODP/IODP (if applicable), (2) a CV and (3) a list of publications. To avoid conflicts of interest, applicants should not be proponents on active MSP proposals that are in the review stage or have yet to be recommended for scheduling.
Please e-mail applications to by 1 September 2020.
For further information or questions, please contact:
Gilbert Camoin
Director, ECORD Managing Agency
Tel: +33 442 97 15 14
Antony Morris
Tel: +44 1752 584766

ECORD Summer Schools and Scholarships 2020

Dear All,

We regret to inform you that all three of the 2020 ECORD Summer Schools (Leicester, Urbino and Bremen) have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on current and future travelling and group activities.

Consequently, there will be no ECORD Scholarships awarded in 2020.

We apologise to all of you who have already engaged in the scholarship scheme and submitted applications, but we hope you’ll be in a position to resubmit them next year when a new call for applications will be issued.

We would like to thank the organisers of the Summer Schools for their efforts in setting them up, and we are optimistic that we will be able to return to normality in 2021 with an exciting programme of  ECORD training activities.

Hanno Kinkel (ESSAC Science Cordinator & Antony Morris (ESSAC Chair)

ECORD Annual Report 2019

The ECORD Annual Report 2019
Report of ECORD’s activities from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019 (112 p.)
Download PDF copy here

ECORD has now formally entered the second phase (2019-2023) of IODP.
The 2019-2023 ECORD Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed by the 15 current ECORD members. In parallel, ECORD has developed concrete operational plans for the next mission-specific platform (MSP) expeditions and started to plan efforts designed to shape the future of scientific ocean drilling beyond 2023.
This transition also included the finalization of an updated version of the ECORD MoU and the revision of the MoU between ECORD and the US National Science Foundation (NSF). The MoU linking ECORD and the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) involves the two partners for the whole duration of the current programme.
This Annual Report demonstrates that the ECORD science community is very healthy, especially through its leading role in the submission of drilling proposals, its massive and sustained participation to IODP expeditions and in the publication and promotion of cutting-edge results related to the successive ocean drilling programmes, as well as in its involvement in the building of a future scientific ocean drilling programme.
See previous ECORD Annual Reports »

#15 ECORD’s Headline -Impact of COVID-19 disease outbreak on IODP and ECORD activities

#15 ECORD’s Headline
Impact of COVID-19 disease outbreak
on IODP and ECORD activities
While writing these words, the World is facing an unprecedented health crisis related to the COVID-19 disease outbreak, leading to very difficult and stressful situations for everyone. In these difficult times, we do hope that you and your loved ones will stay safe and healthy.
Most everyday activities have stopped or slowed down drastically in most countries. Our programme is no exception and is affected by restrictions and limitations due to new governmental guidance, and institutional restrictions on international travel.
Within the programme, this crisis has already led to the postponement of MSP Expedition 386: Japan Trench Paleoseismology to a later date despite efforts made by MarE3 and ESO to hold the expedition open for as long as possible. The ECORD Facility Board, the two operators and JAMSTEC will discuss the rescheduling of this expedition.
In addition, several IODP meetings and workshops have been postponed, and major conferences (e.g., EGU) and ECORD educational activities (e.g. ECORD Training Course) cancelled.
It is still too early to evaluate the overall impact of this crisis on future activities of the programme. However, be sure that during this period many exchanges involving the different ECORD entities and our IODP partners are still going on through videoconferences and virtual meetings, phone calls and emails regarding current and future activities (e.g., panels, upcoming expeditions, the completion of the new Science Framework and preparations for the next programme).
Under these circumstances, we have decided not to proceed with the ECORD Newsletter #34 and will instead continue to post information on new developments ‘in real time’ on our website so that the ECORD community remains informed and proactive, as always.
Best wishes to All, and stay safe and healthy.
Gilbert Camoin (Director of the ECORD Managing Agency;
Antony Morris (Chair of ESSAC;
Gabi Uenzelmann-Neben (Chair of the ECORD Facility Board;
Dave McInroy (Science Manager, ECORD Science Operator;