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Apply for ECORD Summer School 2020: Downhole Logging for IODP Science

The application window is from the 6th January to the 14th February 2020.
The Summer School is open to applicants from all career stages and geoscience backgrounds.
Returning to the University of Leicester for its fifth year, this Summer School introduces the interpretation and applications of downhole log and physical property data primarily from the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP). The School explores the relevance and unique insights of these data for a range of fields, including paleoclimatology, sedimentology, hydrogeology, and broader geological and ecological processes such as sediment provenance and water column productivity.
More info:
Download the application form here

SSP1.4: Achievements and perspectives in scientific ocean and continental drilling

Dear Colleagues,

The abstract deadline for EGU is fast approaching (15 January 2020).

If you are engaged in research relating to scientific drilling, then please consider presenting your exciting science in the following session:

SSP1.4: Achievements and perspectives in scientific ocean and continental drillingConveners: Antony Morris, Jorijntje Henderiks, Thomas Wiersberg
(Co-organized by CL5/EMRP3/NH5, co-sponsored by JpGU)

Scientific drilling through the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) and the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) continues to provide unique opportunities to investigate the workings of the interior of our planet, Earth’s cycles, natural hazards and the distribution of subsurface microbial life. The past and current scientific drilling programs have brought major advances in many multidisciplinary fields of socio-economic relevance, such as climate and ecosystem evolution, palaeoceanography, the deep biosphere, deep crustal and tectonic processes, geodynamics and geohazards. This session invites contributions that present and/or review recent scientific results from deep Earth sampling and monitoring through ocean and continental drilling projects. Furthermore, we encourage contributions that outline perspectives and visions for future drilling projects, in particular projects using a multi-platform approach.

With best wishes for a successful and Happy New Year!

Antony Morris, Jorijntje Henderiks and Thomas Wiersberg

ECORD Lunch and Learn: MSPs

ECORD MSPs: Mission specific platforms
Speaker: Dr. Carol Cotteril -Marine Geoscientist
Carol has been involved with IODP and ECORD Mission Specific Platforms since 2009 when she joined her first expedition as a Staff Scientist.
Since then she has got to know many of the quirks of the mission specific platform way of operating, but also the strengths that come from this flexible approach. She will be happy to answer any questions during this Lunch and Learn.

get the flyer here
Wednesday – 11 DEC 12:30-13:30  IODP booth 1222-1224

Space is limited – first come, first seated!

ECORD Train­ing Course 2020

ECORD Train­ing Course 2020

20 – 24 April 2020

at the MARUM – Cen­ter for Mar­ine En­vir­on­mental Sci­ences and the IODP Bre­men Core Re­pos­it­ory (BCR), Uni­versity of Bre­men, Ger­many.

The Train­ing Course

As host to one of only three IODP core re­pos­it­or­ies in the world – the only one in Europe – the MARUM in Bre­men is an im­port­ant hub for mar­ine geoscient­ists. Tak­ing ad­vant­age of this set­ting, the new ECORD Train­ing Course will provide a “Virtual Drillship Experience” for sci­ent­ists from aca­demia and in­dustry. This one-week course of­fers a ba­sic train­ing fo­cus­ing on the IODP core flow pro­ced­ures, pre­par­ing the par­ti­cipants for par­ti­cip­at­ing in an off­shore drill­ship ex­ped­i­tion, and in­stilling them with an ap­pre­ci­ation for high stand­ards in all kinds of cor­ing pro­jects. IODP-style lab ex­er­cises will form the found­a­tion of the ECORD Train­ing Course fol­low­ing the pat­tern of the unique “Vir­tual Ship” ap­proach de­veloped for the Bre­men ECORD Sum­mer Schools.
The train­ing course will fo­cus on:

Introduction to IODP and ECORD
Virtual shipboard work at BCR/MARUM:
Physical properties – core logging, Sediment visual core description and smear slide analysis, high-resolution linescan imaging and color scanning, Biostratigraphy, Magnetostratigraphy, and Geochemistry

Introductory seminars to general shipboard activities:
Core splicing and time-series analysis, Downhole Logging Integration, Data Management.
Interactive session on defining drilling targets and strategies including drilling proposal writing.

The Par­ti­cipants

… will be early ca­reer and es­tab­lished sci­ent­ists from aca­demia and in­dustry from all over the world who have an in­terest in sci­entific drilling and de­vel­op­ment of pro­fesso­nial skills in core ana­lysis.

The Pro­gram

The Pro­gram for the up­com­ing Train­ing Course will fol­low soon.
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