The ECORD Science Support and Advisory Committee (ESSAC) offers a unique opportunity for teachers and outreach specialists of ECORD countries to sail on IODP expeditions onboard the JOIDES Resolution and mission-specific platforms.

Two calls are open for sailing on mission-specific platform expeditions operated by ECORD:

To apply, follow the instructions detailed in the application and send your application to the ESSAC Office:

>> Further information about Education/Outreach Officers onboard the JOIDES Resolution are available here.

Important: ECORD Education/Outreach Officers do not receive a stipend while at sea. However, ECORD or the ECORD national offices (if applicable) can provide support for travel expenses.

 ECORD Education/Outreach Officers 2004-2017


Alessia Cicconi (Italy) – Expedition 367 South China Rifted Margin A – report

Martin Böttcher (Germany) –  Expedition 366 Mariana Convergent Margin & South Chamorro Seamountreport


Agnès Pointu (France) – Expedition 362 Sumatra Seismogenic Zonereport

Kevin Kurtz (USA) and Barbara Matyssek (Germany) – Expedition 364 Chicxulub K-Pg Impact Craterreport


Marion Burgio (France) and Lucas Kavanagh (Canada) – Expedition 360 SW Indian Ridge Lower Crust and Moho – report

Michèle Darrieu (France/Belgium) – Expedition 359 Maldives Monsoon and Sea Level – report

Diane Hanano (Canada) – Expedition 354 Bengal Fanreport


Markus Fingerle (Germany) – Expedition 353 Indian Monsoon Rainfall – report

Lesley Allen (UK) – Expedition 350  Izu Bonin Rear Arc

2013- Expedition 345 Hess Deep Plutonic Crust

Jean-Luc Berenguer (France) and Susan Gebbels (UK) – report

2012- Expedition 339 Mediterranean Outflow

Helder Pereira (Portugal) – report

2010 – Expedition 327 Juan de Fuca Ridge Flank Hydrogeology

Jean Marie Gautier and Brigitte Thieberge (France) – expedition web page

2004 – Expedition 302 Arctic Coring (ACEX)

Erik Zetterberg (Sweden) and Kathy Couchon (USA) sailed as teachers at sea – report

Hannes von der Fecht (Germany) sailed as photographer – see some pictures on his website and the ECORD photo gallery.