• Title: Atlantis Massif Serpentinization and Life
  • Sites: M-01, AM-06, AM-11 as alternate. Upflow region associated with the Lost City Hydrothermal Field: recover sediments, hydrothermal deposits, fault surface & talc schist/serpentinite basement for petrological, chemical & microbiological analysis. Ideally, log and sample fluids.
    AM-02, AM-03, AM-04, AM-05. Variations with age: recover sediments, fault surface & talc schist/ serpentinite basement for petrological, chemical & microbiological analysis.
    AM-07, AM-08, AM-09, AM-10. Axis-parallel variations: recover sediments, fault surface & mafic basement for petrological, chemical & microbiological analysis.
  • Dates: 26 October – 11 December 2015 (offshore) – 20 January – 5 February 2016 (Onshore Science Party
  • Ports: Southampton, UK.
  • Co-Chief Scientists: Prof. Gretchen Früh-Green (Marine Geology and Geochemistry, ETH Zurich) and Dr. Beth Orcutt (Senior Research Scientist and Geomicrobiologist, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, USA)
  • Expedition Project Manager: Sophie Green. Carol Cotterill (offshore EPM).
  • Expedition Participants: list
  • Petrophysics Staff Scientist: Sally Morgan
  • Drillship: RRS James Cook carrying the BGS Rockdrill 2 and the MARUM-MeBo seafloor drills.


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Proposal #758
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IODP Proceedings – Volume 357



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Pre-expedition leaflet – published on September 2015

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