Atlantis Massif Serpentinization and Life Expedition (357) >> Atlantis Massif Exp. webpage

Media releaseBremen, Germany1 February 2016

Media releaseLondon, UK22 October 2015

Media conference onboard the RV James Cook, Southampton, UK23 October 2015invitation Photos and credits Atlantis Massif media pack        



Baltic Sea Paleoenvironment Expedition (347) >> Baltic Exp. webpage

Media conference: Looking in to the past to predict future climate: new results from IODP – EGU 2014, Vienna, Austria29 April 2014
Media releaseDeciphering a complex history – First results of the IODP Baltic Sea Expedition – Media conference, Bremen, Germany13 February 2014
Media releaseExploring the Environmental History of the Baltic Sea Challenging Expedition About to Start – Pre-expedition media conference, Copenhagen, Denmark5 September 2013 Baltic media pack    



Great Barrier Reef Environmental Changes Expedition (325) >> GBREC Exp. webpage

Media conference: Unlocking climate and sea-level secrets since the Last Glacial Maximum – Results from the IODP Great Barrier Reef Environmental Changes Expedition – EGU 2011, Vienna , Austria5 April 2011

Media releaseGreat Barrier Reef corals unveil sea-level change and climate history – Onshore Science Party, Bremen, Germany19 July 2010

Media conference: In stormy waters – First results from the IODP Great Barrier Reef Environmental Changes Expedition – EGU 2010, Vienna, Austria5 May 2010

Media releaseUnlocking the secrets of sea-level change. Great Barrier Reef Expedition starts – Pre-expedition media conference,



New Jersey Shallow Shelf Expedition (313) >> NJSS Exp. webpage

Media conference: Magnitude and rates of past sea-level changes – Results from the IODP New Jersey Shallow Changes Expedition – EGU 2010, Vienna, Austria5 May 2010

Media releaseSea-Level Change in the Icehouse World. First results of the IODP New Jersey Shallow Shelf Expedition – Onshore Science Party, Bremen, Germany27 November 2009

News release: Scientists Launch Drill Rig to Acquire Information-Rich Sediments off New Jersey Coast – Pre-expedition media conference, Atlantic City, NJ, USA30 April 2009

NJSS media pack      



Tahiti Sea-Level Expedition (310) >> Tahiti Exp. webpage

Media release : Pacific climate snapshot: new Nature study on corals and climate – 24 July 2012

Media release : Un trésor paléoclimatique est dévoilé par des scientifiques dans le cadre du programme IODP (in French) – Onshore Science Party, Bremen, Germany 8 March 2006

Media release : IODP Scientists Acquire “Treasure Trove” of climate records off Tahiti coast – Onshore Science Party, Bremen, Germany2 March 2006

Media release : IODP Tahiti Sea-Level Expedition examines history of global sea-level changes and fate of El Nino events – Pre-expedition media conference, Papeete, Tahiti, France 1 October 2005 PortcallPapeete, Tahiti3-7 October 2005 Tahiti media pack    



Arctic Coring Expedition – (302) >> ACEX Exp. webpage

Press release: Arctic Ocean history is deciphered by ocean-drilling research team – Nature – 21 June 2007

News release : Arctic Coring Expedition continues to yield new clues about climate change – Nature – 9 August 2006

Press releaseOcean-Drilling scientists cite history of Arctic climate change – Nature – 1 June 2006

Media Conference: New findings from Arctic Coring Expedition decipher Arctic climate puzzle – Onshore Science Party, Bremen, Germany16 November 2004

Pre-expedition press conference – onboard icebreaker Oden, Tromso6 August 2004