ECORD brochures and leaflets

ECORD brochures and leaflets are available as electronic copies (PDF) and can be downloaded by clicking on each corresponding link below. Paper copies can be requested to Patricia Maruéjol 

MSP Expedition flyers
  • Pre-expedition leaflets are available on each expedition web page:
    MSP expeditions 2013-2023: Exp 357Exp 364, Exp 381
    MSP expeditions 2003-2012: Exp 302Exp 310, Exp 313, Exp 325, Exp 347
  • Post-expedition flyers are designed after the moratorium ends and are available in the ECORD folder below.

ECORD Folder including 11 leaflets (2018)

Included in the ECORD folder is a quick presentation of ECORD and IODP and how to get involved, how MSP expeditions are implemented by ECORD, and short summaries of all MSP expeditions operated by ECORD since 2004.



Scientific Drilling in Oceans and on Continents  (December 2014)