The ECORD Newsletter is a semi-annual publication (April/May and October/November), which presents up-to-date information from the different ECORD entities and reflects the scientific activity of ECORD as part of IODP. The newsletter is prepared by the ECORD Outreach Team in collaboration with the Chairs of the ECORD entities and representatives of the national IODP offices.

The Newsletter is widely distributed among the ECORD member countries and IODP partners, in particular in the ECORD/IODP booths organised at international conferences (EGU, AGU, IGC, Goldschmidt, etc.) and national events. Each issue is available as an electronic copy (pdf) below. Paper copies are also available upon request.

Contact: Patricia Maruéjol, ECORD Managing Agency (EMA)

CURRENT ISSUE: ECORD Newsletter #27, November 2016 – Download ECORD Newsletter #27

  • Report on Expedition 364 Chicxulub K- Impact Crater – D. McInroy, S. Davies, U. Röhl and D. Smith
  • ECORD Education and Outreach
    • Reports of ECORD Summer Schools 2016 – ECORD Scholarship Awardees
    • ECORD Teachers at Sea – Expedition 362 – Agnès Pointu
    • Education and outreach from Expedition 364  – U. Prange, C. Cotterill, K. Kurtz and B. Matyssek
  • Reports of MagellanPlus Workshops
    • Brazilian Equatorial Margin II (BEM II) – P. Vannucchi et al
    • Antarctica’s Cenozoic Ice and Climate History  – L. De Santis et al
  • Focusing on IODP Expedition: MSP Exp 373 Antarctic Cenozoic Paleoclimate – T. Williams and C. Escutia
  • Traveling the ECORD world as a Distinguished Lecturer – G. Uenzelmann-Neben



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