Patricia Maruéjol

1st ECORD Award

7 November 2018,
The Hague, The Netherlands

Patricia Maruéjol received the first newly created ‘ECORD Award’ at the occasion of the ECORD Council-ESSAC #6 meeting.

“For almost 16 years, I worked as Outreach Coordinator at the ECORD Managing Agency since the start of ECORD in October 2003. Before that time, I worked with Prof. John Ludden when he was in charge of ODP France and of JEODI, a EU-granted project, which set up ECORD as the “Third Leg of IODP”. As Outreach Coordinator, my job was to collaborate with the different ECORD entities, IODP and ICDP partners, to better promote and communicate our research programmes. My scientific background – I am a geologist with a PhD in uranium ore-deposits – has greatly helped me unravel what is ocean research drilling and why it could be a lifetime project.”