Gabriele Uenzelmann-Neben

John Ludden

11th ECORD Award

25 April 2023

John Ludden was awarded with the 11th ECORD Award on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of ECORD, and ECORD-ICDP Townhall meeting.

“Initially involved in ODP and sailed as Co-chief scientist on Legs 123 and 185 and served on the Indian Ocean Panel and Chaired the Lithosphere panel at one point, I have a long history of involvement with scientific ocean drilling.

I was involved in ECORD right from the beginning when Europe was constructing the Integrated programme with the USA and Japan. As head of Earth Sciences for the French CNRS, I created the ECORD consortium along with other heads of geoscience research organisations in Europe. Later as Chief Executive of BGS-NERC, I strongly supported the involvement of NERC-UKRI (via BGS) as the ECORD-SO.

I am truly grateful for this award as a pioneer for ECORD.”