Robert Gatliff

3rd ECORD Award

21 March 2019,
Bremen, Germany

Robert Gatliff received the 3rd ECORD Award at the occasion of ECORD Facility Board Meeting #7

“I was appointed Head of the BGS Marine Group in 2003 just as ECORD was beginning and planning for ACEX was underway. What a team effort to complete this tremendously challenging project without mishap or overspend! Since then, ECORD has thrived with a series of successful missions. Each MSP presented new challenges and tested new technologies and all have resulted in excellent scientific results. It has been a pleasure to work with our partners in ESO, our colleagues in EMA, ECORD Council and ESSAC. But what I remember most is the collaboration across the World with our IODP colleagues in the USA, Japan, China, Brazil, India and Australasia. A truly global project that has left me with friends across the globe. Perhaps my biggest regrets are not getting Russia to join ECORD and for African scientists to gain more benefits from IODP. What next for ECORD? Perhaps the future of the programme may be based much more around MSP projects, with ECORD joined by other MSP operators.”