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Category: Core replica

Core replica: Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM)

PETM core replica: This core section illustrates a major climate warming event that happened at the end of the Paleocene (56 My ago). The consequences of this important event were a rise in temperature (between 4 and 8 °C over 10,000 years) and the acidification of the seawater, which resulted in the significant extinction of the plankton and a reduction in biodiversity at this time in the South Atlantic Ocean.

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Core replica: Arctic Coring – IODP Expedition 302 (ACEX)

Mid Eocene Arctic sediments – Microlaminations of dark organic-rich Azolla alternating with microfossils (e.g. diatoms) in a mid-Eocene (~50Ma) sediment suggest fresh-water episodes in Arctic surface waters.

Replica of a core drilled in Mid Eocene sediments of the central Arctic Ocean by the ECORD Science Operator during IODP Expedition 302 ACEX in 2004 – the first scientific drilling expedition to the central Arctic Ocean, 250km from the North Pole.

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