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ECORD and Japan entities are finalising the launch of the International Ocean Drilling Programme – IODP³ (IODP-cubed) after 2024, open to international members and based on the implementation of mission-specific scientific  drilling expeditions.

Following the online-only Phase-1 Workshop in January 2023, the Phase-2 Workshop will be held in-hybrid form. The aim is to gather researchers representing promising drilling ideas that emerged during and after Phase-1 Workshop to present and discuss their scientific and operational plans to prepare for MSP and Chikyu drilling proposals to be submitted for IODP³. The Workshop is open to~ 100 participants from any country.

The Workshop aims to encourage ‘team forming’ in view of submission of new scientific drilling and legacy data projects.
The Workshop is expected to offer the following benefits to participants:

  • Allow a direct contact between proponents and operators
  • Allow a direct contact between proponents and experienced senior scientists who will provide scientific advice
  • Provide an opportunity to build a team
  • Move from Design to Implementation

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