Release of the completed 2050 Science Framework


Dear IODP Community,

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the release of the completed 2050 Science Framework, entitled Exploring Earth By Scientific Ocean Drilling. Thanks to your scientific input and active participation in the review process, the 2050 Science Framework is now finished, endorsed by the IODP Forum, and available for download at

On this website you can download three beautifully designed documents, prepared by the international IODP science community:

1) the full 124-page 2050 Science Framework,
2) a short 12-page summary, and
3) a two-page pamphlet.

The full-length framework document will guide scientists on the important research frontiers that scientific ocean drilling should pursue and often that only can be achieved through scientific ocean drilling. The framework focuses on the many ways in which scientific ocean drilling will increase our understanding of the fundamental connections among Earth system components while addressing a range of natural and human-caused environmental challenges facing society. The shorter summary and pamphlet versions are intended for a much wider, more general audience, to help us explain the societal importance and value of advancing these scientific frontiers through scientific ocean drilling.

Our utmost gratitude goes to the 46 authors and internal reviewers who worked tirelessly on the 2050 Science Framework, the 19 science delegates in the Science Framework Working Group, the more than 650 scientific ocean drilling scientists who participated in six international planning workshops in 2018 and 2019, and those who provided insights and constructive commentary during the two community reviews in February-March and July 2020. The extensive peer-review process and high level of community input and involvement have resulted in an exciting blueprint for more than 25 years of future scientific ocean drilling.

Again, thank you so much for your continued support and energy in providing scientific ocean drilling with a bright future!
Anthony Koppers and Rosalind Coggon, Co-lead Editors

2050 Science Framework Writing Team

Exploring Earth by Scientific Ocean Drilling