Revised IODP Proposal Submission Guidelines

We would like to bring to your attention the new and revised Proposal Submission Guidelines for IODP proposals that have been approved by the Facility Boards and posted to the IODP website. A number of changes have been made and some are significant.

This will be especially important for those preparing proposals for the October 1 deadline (note that those with currently active or recently deactivated proposals will be directly informed by the SSO). Of particular note, the new joint IODP-ICDP proposal review (now Land-2-Sea) is now a much simpler procedure and we hope this will encourage more proposals in this area, including MSP proposals as part of these near-coastal projects.
We do, as always, encourage proponents to ensure they have downloaded the latest guidelines version before preparing and submitting their proposal. An announcement has been made on the front page of the website with a direct link to the new guidelines file. We also attach the file here.
Below are the primary relevant changes: 

  • New Land-2-Sea proposal guidelines that replace and streamline the Amphibious Drilling Project proposal process – a single version of the proposal can now be submitted to IODP and ICDP with a single/joint evaluation process
  • Revised MSP proposal guidelines – a low, mid and high-level cost operational scenario should be included in a Full MSP Proposal
  • Changes to word limits (please check Table) – increased, and now includes figure captions and table captions
  • Introduction of a revised Pre-proposal (“Pre2”) – requested where SEP finds the proposal has a potentially compelling science idea but further work is needed before it can move to the Full proposal stage
  • Introduction of a review response section to be completed for all revised or previously deactivated proposals
  • Link provided to new proposal evaluation guidelines

 If you have any questions please let us know.
With kind regards, 

Lisa McNeill and Gail Christeson (SEP Co-Chairs), Clive Neal (JRFB Chair), and the Science Support Office


Revised Proposal Submission Guidelines:

download here