Suspension of the Spanish ECORD membership 

With regret we inform the ECORD community that the Spanish ECORD membership is temporarily suspended due to a non-signing of the ECORD 2019-2023 MoU and receipt of no financial contributions to ECORD from Spain since 2017. 

The right of scientists with Spanish institutional affiliations to apply for ECORD berths to sail on IODP expeditions and to be nominated in science advisory panels is suspended with immediate effect and will remain in force until this situation is resolved. All invitations to sail issued to scientists with Spanish institutional affiliations prior to this announcement will be honored. However, scientists in other ECORD countries should be aware that from this point forward invitations to sail may be withdrawn if they successfully apply for an ECORD berth and then move to Spain. 

Sample requests outside the moratorium from scientists with Spanish institutional affiliations will be accepted and access to samples guaranteed. In addition, early-career scientists with Spanish institutional affiliations will be allowed to apply to participate to ECORD educational activities and their applications be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

This is a challenging situation and ECORD is actively working together with Spanish colleagues to address this issue and hopes that these membership issues can be resolved soon so that Spain can actively participate to IODP through 2024. 

Gilbert Camoin (Director of the ECORD Managing Agency), Guido Lüniger (Chair of the ECORD Council), Angelo Camerlenghi (Chair of ESSAC), Gabi Uenzelmann-Neben (Chair of the EFB) 


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