ICDP-IODP Town Hall Meeting
on Scientific Drilling


Tuesday, 27 Apr
 17:30–19:00 CEST

Password: drilling
Marco Bohnhoff (ICDP)
Gilbert Camoin (IODP/ECORD)
Flavio Anselmetti (PI Drilling Overdeepened Alpine Valleys DOVE)
Michi Strasser (Co-chief Scientist of IODP Exp 386: Japan Trench Paleoseismology)

We are looking forward to welcome you to our Town Hall meeting

Meeting plan
17:30 Welcome and intro
17:35 Marco Bohnhoff (ICDP): News and Views from ICDP
17:45 Gilbert Camoin (ECORD): News and Views from ECORD/IODP
17:55 ICDP video*
18:00 Michi Strasser and Ken Ikehara (Co-chief Scientists of  IODP Exp. 386), ship to shore live video call from R/V Kaimei*
18:05 Socializing! 🙂 (game-like meeting on GATHER platform, see below)

*Live video calls subject to change owing Internet connection availability at drilling sites



Photo credit: JAMSTEC

Live R/V Kaimei-to-shore video call

Co-chief Scientist Michi Strasser (forced to only remotely participate in the Exp. 386 from his home office) will briefly introduce the scientific objectives of IODP Expedition 386: Japan Trench Paleoseismology and will connect to Co-chief Scientist Ken Ikehara during a live R/V Kaimei-to-shore video call to discuss the first coring results and sampling progress of the ongoing expedition. 

More about the Exp. 386 currently at sea
On April 13th the offshore phase of IODP Expedition 386: Japan Trench Paleoseismology started onboard R/V Kaimei with a Japanese science party to conduct first-ever giant piston coring within IODP. Collecting cores from ultra-deep water trench basins at more than 8000m water depth along the entire Japan Trench aims at unravelling the sedimentary archive of past giant earthquakes. Exp. 386 is being implemented jointly by ECORD and MarE3/JAMSTEC.


Informal GATHER Town meeting

After the Zoom meeting, we will move to the GATHER Town platform* where a more informal part of the meeting will take place. Gather offers a game-like experience, it is very intuitive and easy to use.
All you need to do is to click the link, choose an avatar and join us!

SPOILER: Dance floor is available! 🙂
*It is advised to use Chrome browser. This platform does not work on mobile devices.

With nostalgy we remind all of us the times when we could share a drink in a physical reality.
We will this year enjoy the virtual event and we hope to see you in a physical reality at EGU Town Hall meeting in 2022!