IODP Call for Proposals

Deadline: October 1, 2021


The International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) explores Earth’s climate history,
structure, mantle/crust dynamics, natural hazards, and deep biosphere as described in
the IODP Science Plan ( IODP facilitates international
and interdisciplinary research on transformative and societally relevant topics using the
ocean drilling, coring, and down-hole measurement facilities JOIDES Resolution, Chikyu,
and mission-specific platforms (MSP).

This notice describes proposals that will be
accepted for the October 1, 2021, deadline:

  • JOIDES Resolution: The number of proposals currently in the system for the JOIDES Resolution provide many high-quality options for scheduling the ship through the end of the current program; therefore, new submissions are not requested. Revisions and addendums to any proposal that is already in the system will be accepted.
  • Chikyu: New Complementary Project Proposals (CPPs) are encouraged, but other new riser and riseless proposals for the Chikyu may not be submitted at this time. Revisions and addendums to any proposal that is already in the system will be accepted.
  • Mission-specific platforms: MSP expeditions are planned to operate once every other year to recover core from targets that are inaccessible by the other facilities (e.g., shallow water, enclosed seas, ice-covered seas). New and revised MSP proposals for any ocean basin are welcomed.

Investigators are reminded that the interval from the first proposal submission to expedition scheduling is on the order of 4-5 years due to the science and safety review process and required lead time for scheduling, and that adequate site characterization/site survey data are critical for success. Proponents are strongly encouraged to contact the facility’s science operator to discuss platform-specific
operational and fiscal constraints before developing proposals:

For more information on the submission process, please visit: