DEADLINE 1 September 2023

The European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD) sponsors an initiative for a in-person lecture series to be given by leading scientists involved with the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP).

The ECORD Distinguished Lecturer Programme is designed to bring the exciting scientific discoveries of the IODP to the geosciences community in ECORD and non-ECORD countries.


Selected lecturers will be funded by ESSAC to travel to the Research centres and Universities that will ask to host their conference.


Facts/Topics*: It is anticipated that Distinguished Lecturers will be nominated for the period of winter 2024 (starting January 1 2024), with one lecturer in each of the four main thematic areas of IODP Science Plan 2013-2023.

Previous distinguished lecturers and their lectures since 2007 are listed at


Locations: As soon as the lecturers are selected, institutions across ECORD member countries will be invited to apply to host a lecture by one of the speakers. ESSAC will assist the lecturers in putting together a programme for the period given above. Each selected lecturer will be expected to deliver at least 5 lectures during their term as Distinguished Lecturer. The host institutions are asked to provide accommodation, meals and local transportation for the speaker. Each Distinguished Lecturer is expected to provide a recorded version of his/her presentation to be circulated to a wider audience via the ECORD Web page.

Application: The ECORD Science Support & Advisory Committee (ESSAC) is now inviting nominations of lecturers, including self-nominations. Applications for the 2024 schedule should be sent via e-mail (with ‘DLP Application’ in the subject line) to the ESSAC Office at In case of self-nominations, please attach current CV (1-2 pages). If you are nominating someone else, please first establish his/her willingness to participate and then ask him/her to send a CV to the ESSAC Office. Applicants should indicate a draft title for their proposed lecture, which should be strongly linked to IODP science.

For further information or questions please contact:


ECORD Science Support & Advisory Committee

Angelo Camerlenghi (ESSAC Chair)

Hanno Kinkel (ESSAC Science Coordinator)

National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics – OGS

via Beirut n. 2

34151 Trieste – Italia





* The end of the current phase of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) is now scheduled for 30 September 2024. The IODP Scientific Community has prepared a new strategic document 2050 Science Framework: Exploring Earth by Scientific Ocean Drilling ( To prepare for the future, ECORD and Japan have agreed to build a joint scientific ocean drilling programme: The International Ocean Drilling Programme – IODP3 (IODP-cubed). IODP3 will begin immediately after the conclusion of the current IODP and will maintain the ESSAC Office as the ECORD Program Member Office.

Because the Distinguished Lecture Program for which this call is issued addresses research undertaken during the Integrated Ocean Discovery Program (IODP), the scientific reference remains that of the 2013-2023 Science Plan themes.