IODP Science Support Office, 6 April 2021

Dear colleagues,

The IODP Science Support Office is continuing to collect responses to the JRFB’s request for information (RFI).

We are pleased to announce that there is now a second avenue for submitting RFI responses.

The community can now choose to submit responses through the original form in the Proposal Database System (PDB)
or through a new Google Form:

Respond to RFI through Google Form

Respond to RFI through Proposal Database System (PDB)

Those who already submitted to PDB should not resubmit. We only need a response submitted once; there are just two options now for doing so.
We hope that this addition makes it easier for everyone to show enthusiasm for a future scientific ocean drilling program through the RFI process.

Thank you,
Charna Meth
Executive Director
IODP Science Support Office
Scripps Institution of Oceanography