The ECORD/ICDP MagellanPlus Workshop Series Programme aims to foster the development of new IODP/ICDP drilling projects, and invites scientists from ECORD/ICDP member countries to propose workshops for the elaboration of compelling drilling proposals.

MagellanPlus particularly welcomes proposals for workshops that integrate scientific marine and continental coring with scientific topics such as Earth’s Surface Environmental Change, Processes and Effects; the Deep Biosphere & Sub-Seafloor Ocean, as well as Solid Earth Cycles & Geodynamics, as outlined in the science plans of IODP and ICDP.

The contribution of the MagellanPlus Workshop Series will not exceed 15,000 € per workshop. 

Call for MagellanPlus proposals – deadline: 15 May 2020

For further information, please have a look to the MagellanPlus website.