A fully designed, complete draft version of the 2050 Science Framework entitled Exploring Earth by Scientific Ocean Drilling” is now available online on IODP.org and ready for community review and your comments.

This is the concluding round of community review.

Please provide your comments and complete the questionnaire by the deadline of 3 August.

The community review is only open for 2 weeks with a deadline of 3 August and we are planning to stick to this deadline. It is key to get as many of you and your colleagues as possible to review the framework in these two weeks and to fill out the accompanying Review Questionnaire, that only takes about 5-10 minutes to complete but will provide important metrics on the community’s findings.

This full version of the framework is written for the scientific ocean drilling community and scientists across the Earth sciences and beyond. Later, over the summer, a shorter 12-page summary document and a 2-page pamphlet will be produced for a general audience.

Download 2050 Science Frameworkhttps://iodp.org/2050-science-framework-review-2nd-round (password: sod2050comments).

Review Questionnaire: https://forms.gle/D9nvtAUkrgcUcxgf6.