joint booth at VEGU21

IODP/ECORD and ICDP are taking active part in vEGU21.

We prepared a session with talks, posters and five webinars. Additionally on the 27 of April we will have a Townhall meeting.

Scientific drilling session at EGU21 (27 April) »
IODP/ECORD and ICDP webinars »
IODP/ECORD and ICDP joint Townhall meeting »

Free access to webinars!
You do not need registration for vEGU21 to participate.

Webinars info

Each webinar will consist of presentation and Question&Answers part.

Webinar schedule summary
I.22 Apr, 11:45–12:30 CEST: IODP and ICDP new science plans, Land-2-Sea proposals
II.23 Apr, 11:45–12:30 CEST: Exploring IODP Data
III.26 Apr, 11:45–12:30 CEST: ICDP running and upcoming projects
IV.27 Apr, 11:45–12:30 CEST: IODP Expedition 377 ArcOP
V.28 Apr, 11:45–12:30 CEST: Student, scientists, stakeholder: how to get involved in IODP and ICDP?


Exploring IODP Data – Webinar at EGU2021

Exploring IODP Dataand virtual tour to Bremen Core Repository Friday, 23 Apr, 11:45–12:30 CEST Password: 716145 Speakers:Hanno Kinkel (ESSAC), Ulla Röhl...

IODP and ICDP New Science Plans and Land-2-Sea proposals – Webinar at EGU2021

IODP and ICDP New Science PlansandLand-2-Sea proposals Thursday, 22 Apr 11:45–12:30 CEST Password: IODP   Speakers:Roz Coggon...

How to get involved in IODP and ICDP? – Webinar at EGU2021

How to get involvedin IODP and ICDP? Student, scientists, stakeholder Wednesday, 28 Apr 11:45–12:30 CEST Password: ICDP   Speakers:Hanno Kinkel (ESSAC), Thomas...

IODP Expedition 377 ArcOP – Webinar at EGU2021

IODP Expedition 377 ArcOPwith Co-chief Scientists,ESO, EMA, SPRS and AMS Tuesday, 27 Apr 11:45–12:30 CEST Password: 053683   Speakers:Dave McInroy (ESO), Jez Everest...

ICDP-IODP/ECORD Town Hall Meeting at EGU2021

ICDP-IODP Town Hall Meetingon Scientific Drilling (virtual) Tuesday, 27 Apr 17:30–19:00 CEST [button link=""...

ICDP Running & Upcoming Projects – Webinar at EGU2021

ICDPRunning & Upcoming Projects Monday, 26 Apr 11:45–12:30 CEST   Password: ICDP   Speaker:Uli Harms (Head of ICDP OSG)Download webinar presentation [ddownload...